These handcrafted accessories will have you feeling like a modern-day Maria Clara

Ever wanted to really nail that old school, romantic, but still effortless look? One thing can really help: Accessories! Accessories and jewelry can really make or break a look, dress it up or down, make it chic or easygoing. And what better way to attain that classic Maria Clara beauty look than with timeless earrings and rings?

Magindara Accessories, a mother-daughter duo, can bring you exactly that kind of timeless beauty–but with an edge. They don’t just sell run-of-the-mill earrings at all, they’ve even got ear clips and cuffs and all kinds of no-piercing goodies to take it to the modern-day level where we love to adorn every part of our body in jewelry however we can!

Magindara 1

Artfully designed and handcrafted by the mother-daughter team, they bring timeless glam into 2020 with swirling metal and affixed pearls. Every piece is made with love and with a touch of romance and you can really feel it when you look at the pieces. They’re beautifully-made and even nicer to wear. I was giddy when I had them on–I felt like the 2020 version of a princess.

Last year, they began to craft with a new material: Abaca paper with Capiz shell bits–and their new crafts are beautiful. The raw materials to make the paper are from the wastes of local crafters of Abaca and Capiz shell by-products. They sourced it from a local paper manufacturer and the material is very durable. They’ve made them into their signature earrings, but also their mismatched earrings, no-piercing earclips, interchangeable earrings (where you can mix and match to your heart’s content, and adjustable rings (my personal fave!). The best part? This new materials sparkle in person–these photos really don’t do the material justice.

Magindara 3

Magindara 4

They also sell bangles and rings made out of paper–hand-painted. Amazing!

I was very much drawn to how the metal swirled in such a way that it seemed almost fluid–almost not metal-like at all! With the pearls and little gems and crystals added, the sophistication rises a hundredfold. Each piece was unique but still looked like it bore their signature stamp of grace and elegance. Every piece of jewelry made me feel almost queenly but still natural, tied to the elements with the pearls and the sampaguita.

Magindara 5

Magindara 6

Magindara 7

The ear clips are super comfortable and don’t squeeze the ears at all. They’re adjustable, which is great, and they’re perfect for people who aren’t allowed to get piercings (maybe for work or strict parents, etc.). They have a ton of other no-piercing clips, too, that are gorgeous! The rings are also adjustable, which is fantastic for people who don’t have slender fingers (like myself, stubby squad represent).

Here are some photos of the accessories when worn:

Magindara when worn 1

Magindara when worn 2

Magindara when worn

The pearls are so beautiful and really give it that homey quality! I’m reminded of our Philippine oceans and waters just looking at them. The pearl ear clip that can easily attach to the top of the earlobe is my favorite. It doesn’t squeeze the lobe nor does it leave a mark–it’s perfectly comfortable and it comes without the fear or anxiety of getting a piercing.

Magindara worn 5

Magindara worn 9

I felt like a modern-day Maria Clara in the best of ways in these accessories. It made me want to dress up, put on some heels, and really adorn myself with pearls and gold metal. These pieces are perfect for the girl (or guy! or non-binary person!) who wants a lot of glam with a touch of edge thrown in. Take those regular pearl earrings that you’ve been wearing for forever and turn the volume all the way up while still holding on to that classy, timeless look. Support local and homegrown and decorate yourself to the nines with these beauties!

Magindara Accessories