These Celebrities Show You How to Dress Up For the Summer

With the sweltering summer heat kicking in, we’ve become all the more conscious of what we wear on a daily basis. Our outfits have to be light and breezy enough to help our bodies breathe but still, at the same time, keep us in style.

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration for this summer season, here are some celebrity looks you should definitely cop:

White Linen Dress

Celebrity Summer Fashion Kryz Uy


Light and breezy, the white linen dress is so versatile that it’s a must in any woman’s closet. Wear it with woven slip-on flats, a simple brown satchel, and a summer hat like Kryz Uy for that beach resort vibe.

Floral Printed Dress

Celebrity Summer Fashion Jasmine Curtis Smith


Floral dresses scream “summer!” There are so many kinds of floral dresses out there you can cop — from bright, bold colors to this simple pinstripe one that Jasmine Curtis-Smith wears with her black sandals and bucket bag.

Big Summer Hat

Celebrity Summer Fashion Pia Wurtzbach


It takes a lot of confidence to pull off this huge summer hat that Pia Wurtzbach wears, but it’s a fun piece to throw on especially at a beach resort. Match it with a muted, flowy summer dress and a native bag!

White Top, Denim Jeans

Celebrity Summer Fashion Janine Gutierrez


Simple yet stylish; this outfit can keep you cool in the city. Despite what you may think about wearing denim on a hot day, it actually depends on what kind of jeans you’re wearing. Go for loose-fitted, cropped denim jeans like Janine Gutierrez, or opt for ripped jeans for that added ventilation.

Fabric Headband

Celebrity Summer Fashion Lovi Poe


When it’s super hot outside and you need to get your hair out of your sweaty face, a fabric headband is a must-have accessory! It will keep you looking fresh and fabulous all day long.

Go for bold, summer colors like Lovi Poe‘s orange and yellow headpiece!


Celebrity Summer Fashion Andrea Brillantes


This summer staple is great to wear anywhere, from the busy city streets all the way to the sunny beaches. Andrea Brillantes went for a white ensemble that shows off her morena skin and helps her cool down in this summer heat!

Bright bold colors

Celebrity Summer Fashion Coleen Garcia


Bright bold colors are definitely in this season, and a lot more people are becoming open to the idea of setting aside their go-to neutral pieces for louder choices. And on a bright summer day, it makes you stand out from the rest. Yellows are an easy favorite, and you can wear it from top to bottom like Coleen Garcia


Celebrity Summer Fashion Julia Barretto


Wearing coordinates is a trend you have to try out to understand the hype, and you’re guaranteed to fall in love with it. Keep it fun and fierce like Julia Barretto‘s breezy two-piece to elevate your everyday look.

Backless top

Celebrity Summer Fashion Mari Jasmine


Don’t be afraid to show a little skin when the heat becomes too much to handle. Like Mari Jasmine, go for a breezy open-back top to keep you cool while showing off your sizzling summer figure!

What are your go-to fashion pieces this summer? Sound off in the comments!