These Aesthetic Journal Kits Will Make You ~Finally~ Start Journaling

Whenever I see those short ASMR videos on Tiktok featuring people making beautiful journals with a variety of themes, I always think that I should journal, too. But then I’d realize that I have no idea where to begin.

Maybe you’ve also stocked up on cute notebooks, saying you’ll finally start journaling this year—but they’re still blank until now. Here’s something from Shopee that might finally make you start your journal.

journal kit

Photo from Shopee

These are journal kits. Each kit features a variety of stationery items such as stickers, postcards, special paper, and some even include stamps—all of these kits have a certain aesthetic or theme for your journal.

kpop journal

Photo from Shopee

This affordable journal starter kit has a KPop theme among the available choices. Reviewers loved the many stickers and photos of their bias! (Buy this KPop journal kit here!)

kawaii journalkit

Photo from Shopee

For anyone who loves all things cute fluffy, this kawaii-themed journal kit is perfect for you. The inclusions feature everything cute, pink, and pastel. Any day will brighten up with this journal kit. (Buy this kawaii journal kit here!)

autumn journalkit

Photo from Shopee

If you’re a huge fan of autumn (even if we don’t have that season in the country), you can enjoy that season through your journal with this autumn-themed kit! You can even get it with an actual journal to complete the whole aesthetic. (Buy this autumn-themed journal kit here!)

anime journalkit

Photo from Shopee

Love anime? There’s definitely no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate that in your daily journals. This anime-themed journal kit will be perfect for you. This kit includes a variety of items from different animes, too. (Buy this anime-themed journal kit here!)

astronomy journalkit

Photo from Shopee

This astronomy-themed journal kit is a must-have if you love celestial bodies and anything that’s related to space. This kit features aesthetic stickers, photos, and cards featuring the moon, stars, and galaxies. (Buy this astronomy-themed journal kit here!)

vintage journalkit

Photo from Shopee

This vintage-themed journal kit is perfect for creating an old-fashioned journal for yourself. The vintage vibe of this kit definitely completes the aesthetic of handwritten journaling. This vintage kit is great if you love romanticizing your journaling! (Buy this vintage journal kit here!)

color journalkit

Photo from Shopee

This custom color journal kit lets you create your journal according to the color you choose. These kits even include wax seals, dried flowers, and vibrant mini photo prints! They have a wide variety of colors to choose from, but you can also ask for a certain color for your kit. (Buy this custom color journal kit here!)

Which of these journal kits fits your aesthetic? Share it with us!

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