Down South: 8 Underrated Places in Tagaytay That Will Make You File a Vacation Leave ASAP

We moved to Tagaytay last year, and it was the best decision we’ve ever made! I kid you not – this place may not have a distinct symbol or delicacy aside from Bulalo and Taal Lake but dear, it’s more than just a place with great weather.


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Taken on the 4th floor of View Park Hotel. This hotel may not have a grand view of Taal Lake but it could let you capture the best sunset in Tagaytay. View our full review of the hotel here.

People always ask me “where can we stay to get the best view of Taal Lake?” or “what else is there aside from the usual “Bulalohan” and conventional hotels?” Well, allow me to show you some of the under-appreciated places in Tagaytay. I urge you to read and bookmark this article pronto!

These 8 Places in Tagaytay Will Make You File a Vacation Leave ASAP

1. Eco Hotel Tagaytay (Cabins and Containers)

You might have already passed this quaint hotel several times if you’re heading towards Nasugbu. It’s right in front of Ayala Mall Serin; Eco Hotel Tagaytay is the flagship property with 16 guest rooms. Eco categorized their properties into two: Cabins and Containers

Cabins – they have four (4) different room types: (1) Standard  (2) Lake View  (3) Garden View and (4) Family room.

Eco Hotel Cabins

Image from Eco hotel website

Eco Hotel Cabin

The rooms, whether you’re blessed to have a view or not, are spacious, spotless, and budget-friendly.

But, wait, you’re not “out of the woods” yet, because Eco has another property called “Containers.”

“Safe, strong, and secure,” that’s how they described the new addition to their “green hotels.” Containers by Eco is not your ordinary hotel. They designed it to be almost “indestructible and innovative.” According to their website, the Containers are made up of Corteen steel which is thick, strong, and durable.

containers by eco

This lovely abode is located along SVD Road – a place full of trees and convents as your neighbors.

cabin eco

Powered by solar panels, their rooms are truly environment-friendly as each room requests a call to action: reuse, recycle and renew. Everything you’ll see inside has been repurposed. Eco uses environmentally friendly supplies only to contribute to the preservation of our natural resources. So, for a different ambiance without ruining our nature, visit Eco Hotels soon.


2. La VeryOl’s Mountain View Garden

We already know Tagaytay is the best place to soul search when life seems unfair. But, not all places here can give you the peacefulness and quietness you’re looking for. Located at Saint Francis Drive – just a few kilometers after you turn left from Sta.Rosa-Tagaytay Road – you’ll find this gem of a place called La Veryol’s Mountain View Garden.

laveryols glamping

This place offers glamping services with the view of the Taal Lake as your backdrop. This hidden gem also offers the “Kawa Hot Bath” for only P399.

kawa hot bath la very

Now you can still enjoy “bathing” and other outdoor activities in Tagaytay even if it’s cold!


3. Casa Alegria Bed & Breakfast

Casa Alegria Bed and Breakfast, according to the owners, used to be their rest house. It has 7 spacious rooms and only accepts booking online.

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Feed your Facebook and IG stories with picturesque sceneries courtesy of Casa Alegria. Placed strategically along Talisay road, Casa Alegria boasts spacious rooms, delectable dishes, and great customer service.

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This is one of their Suite Rooms that can accommodate 6 people! I suggest leaving the black curtains open in the daytime to welcome the Tagaytay breeze and enjoy its majestic view of Taal Lake.


4. Potter’s Ridge Hotel

Overlooking Taal Volcano and built on a picturesque ridge, Potter’s Ridge Hotel is located along Aguinaldo Highway, heading towards Nasugbu route.

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You might be wondering if it has a “Harry Potter” vibe, sorry but there’s none. However, this hotel will give you the 360-degree angle of exquisite and magnificent scenery leading one’s emotion toward its edge and cliff…you will never fail to feel how incredible it was built.

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Each room represents its ethnic design with a laid-back ambiance, perfect for Tagaytay living.


5. Angelfields

This may not be located exactly in Tagaytay, but you will find this nature sanctuary along Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road.


Owned by a farmer and gardener, Angelfields is an events place, restaurant, and a place suitable for everyone longing for meditation. It’s a great place to rekindle with things you missed due to stress. They have four Casitas: (1) Casita Carmel is a 4-bedroom suite that can accommodate 12 persons (2) Casita San Francesco is a 3-bedroom suite (3) Casita San Jose is a 1-bedroom suite and (4) Casita San Diego also a 1-bedroom suite.

Screen Shot 2018 02 14 at 6.25.18 PM

Casita San Diego’s room


6. Crosswinds Resort Suites Hotel


No, this is not taken in Switzerland. This is Crosswinds Resort Suites Hotel’s facade brilliantly placed in the heart of Tagaytay City. Near Picnic Grove and People’s Park, this lovely abode will embrace you with the scent of pine trees surrounding the property. Some of the rooms are fully-equipped with kitchen, perfect for families who want to spend time over a homecooked meal. During Yuletide season, this place becomes a tourist spot because of their marvelous decors and activities inside the property.


7. Atelier de Clotilde

Highly recommended by my trusted Dermatologist here in Tagaytay, this place doesn’t only serve authentic Mexican food, it’s also a quaint bed & breakfast. According to Doc Angela, this place could hold art workshops.

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This artsy place is located at Barangay Sicat in Alfonso, Cavite.Experience Mexico in Tagaytay by visiting this place soon.


8. Wild Juan (Restaurant/Bed & Breakfast)

Wild Juan serves local food with a twist.

WildJuan WIM5

Wild Juan’s Caldereta Wings infused with Filipino flavoring that will make you ask for more rice, I swear.

The place feels like a modernized Lola/grandma’s house with the old books, brick textures, and color scheme down to the placemats and table decor. You’re sure to get acquainted with the word “home” here. They also have a beer garden, which opens at around 5 PM. This is pretty cool since you can enjoy a couple of their local handcrafted brews and delicious food al fresco.

WildJuan WIM10

Read our full review here.

Life in Tagaytay is simple. Since it’s slowly booming, there’s a lot of things to improve on. Water distribution heads the list. So, if in any case, you encountered water issues here in Tagaytay, it’s because they’re still improving the piping system to accommodate the establishments opening every now and then. Nevertheless, Tagaytay is your fastest sweet escape from the chaotic sceneries in the city.

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