There is a Plan to Install a ‘Memorial’ for Cyclist Killed in Road Rage

The cycling community was both saddened and angered by the news of a fellow cyclist being gunned down in Quiapo, Manila. The victim, identified as Mark Vincent Garalde, a security guard on his way to work, was shot five times after getting into a fistfight with a motorist.

Fellow cyclists took to social media and mourned. One of them, NJ Mijares, posted on his Facebook page Busykleta his plan to install a ‘memorial’ in the scene of Mark’s death.

The post reads:

My name is NJ Mijares. I am a cyclist. I bike to work everyday. I am saddened and angry about the senseless murder of Mark Vincent Garalde. A fellow cyclist. I don’t know him, but nevertheless, i am affected. He doesn’t deserve that. No one deserves that. But, cyclists are the friendliest people on the road i know. We are a peaceful bunch. So instead of spreading hate and adding to the negativity, i would like to propose a peaceful action.

A Memorial for Mark.

In the scene of his death, i will permanently install a white painted bicycle to serve as a monument in memory of this tragedy.
This practice is already being done in other major cities around the world. Monuments of white bicycles permanently installed near the scene of a bicyclist’s death.

How ever sad this may be, i thought this is the perfect time to start this practice here in Manila. Bicyclists are killed, whether by accident or not. And sadly, they are eventually forgotten after few days or weeks on the news. By installing memorials, we will remember. People will remember. And maybe, just maybe, every one will be reminded to be safe, be respectful, and be a little bit friendlier on our roads.


(edit: His surname is GARALDE, not Geralde. Apologies for the spelling mistake in the photo.)

According to NJ, he will carry out this plan this Sunday, July 31. A ‘memorial ride‘ will also take place to coincide with the installation.

What are your thoughts on this? How do you think can we make our roads more biker-friendly?