WATCH: This is What Cyclists Have to Endure Everyday

Commuters or motorists resort to using alternative transportation due to the perennial traffic situation here in the Philippines. One of which is to use a bicycle. Apart from its health benefits, you can surely beat the traffic in Manila. Unfortunately, there are vehicles who don’t share the road. Such is the video shared anonymously to notable motorist journalist, James Deakin.

The video depicts what cyclists experience everyday in Manila. James captioned it with:

Friends, if you can spare me 10 seconds of your time, I would like to give you a glimpse into the life of a cyclist here in Metro Manila. You can really help by posting this window on your wall so others can see what they have to deal with just to get to work everyday. To think this is one of the lucky ones.

Although, it may appear the cyclist didn’t have any choice but use the road, I genuinely wished that those truck drivers were more sensitive by honking or letting the cyclist know, he will pass through.

Interestingly, even the award-winning journalist Howie Severino bikes going to work. He can relate to these issues as he got hit by a Jeepney before.

Howie Severino Accident

Howie Severino’s bike

What’s missing here is the implementation of bike lanes in Manila. Not to mention sidewalks for people to use. Every day, people get hit because of poor infrastructure; countless widening projects that are useless, and most importantly, discipline and road courtesy.

What do you think is the best solution for this aside from designated bike lane?