There Could Be A Venom Solo Movie By Next Year

Sony Pictures’ Spiderman:Homecoming, in collaboration with Marvel Studios, will be opening to much anticipation from Spidey fans! In fact, Spiderman’s inclusion in the MCU may just be the best decision Sony’s ever done, with Tom Holland’s performance in Captain America: Civil War earning praise from fans and critics alike.

venom sony spiderman

But while Spidey’s long-lost reunion with the Avengers is something to look forward to, it seems that Sony is working on a project that’ll tingle the senses of Peter Parker fans: a Venom solo movie!

The Venom project has long been in the works under Sony, but died sometime while the film company was working out its deal with Marvel. But while talks of reviving the project and bringing Venom to the big screen are swirling, there is one catch — it will be separate from the Spiderman reboot and the MCU.

This seems to crush fans’ hopes of seeing Venom as a super-villain in the MCU, perhaps as a symbiote in the Infinity War!

The Venom movie is said to hit theaters on October 5, 2018, and would be its own stand-alone franchise.

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