String of Thefts Target Areas in Bonifacio Global City

It seems a string of thefts targeting bags and belongings have been hitting the Maridien and Verve residents in Bonifacio Global City. The latest incident of these thefts in BGC involve a man stealing a bag from a couple near the area as shared by Christiell Wilton on Facebook.

Thefts Bonifacio Global City

Thefts in BGC

CCTV footage obtained by the victim shows a man clad in all black with a mask on circling the area shortly before the theft. The suspect is seen talking on his phone while seemingly casing potential targets. At around 5:55 PM, the man snatches the bag and flees the scene in a waiting getaway vehicle described as an old black Innova with silver handles.

According to the victim, bystanders were present during the incident, and two police officers were even stationed nearby. However, they were unable to apprehend the suspect. The victims lament the lack of effective security measures, stating that marshals in the area appear solely focused on deterring individuals rather than actively intervening in criminal activities.

This latest incident of thefts in BGC comes amidst a string of similar thefts reported in the neighborhood and compiled by Christiell. Local businesses, including Baristart (September 2023), Olive Garden (late 2023), have encountered similar theft attempts with the modus operandi remaining consistent. Police reports from March 10, 2024 (Fort Strip) and March 14, 2024 (Agave) also reveal footage matching the same suspect and getaway car.

The victims further express disappointment regarding the apparent lack of urgency from the Maridien and Verve security teams as well as local police in pursuing the culprits. As of now, no arrests have been made, and the victims have not received any updates regarding the investigation yet.

Christiell also points out that her purpose of posting this is for people to be aware of the thefts in BGC. The community is urged to remain vigilant and exercise caution, particularly when in the Maridien and Verve areas. Keeping a close eye on belongings and reporting any suspicious activity to the authorities are crucial steps in deterring future crimes.

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