The #WIMtern Experience: Our Favorite Moments with WIM

Inflatable Island_Rhobz-20170321152837

Briane Maraña, Videography Team

One of my favorite experiences in WIM is when I went to Subic for the Inflatable Island feature. I enjoy road trips and also I get to enjoy the summer in the beach. I also bonded with awesome people made new friends and I got to meet and talk to Daniel Marsh, one of my favorite Youtubers here in the Philippines. It’s one of my dreams to travel and make travel videos and I got to do that for a day in Subic, thanks to When In Manila. I made my own short video from that day and also, there were lots of free food! Because the best things in life are free!!!!

But all in all, the best thing about my WIM experience is the people that I met and the friends that I made. I was surrounded with goal-oriented and passionate people who helped me grow, from the admins of WIM to my co-interns – all of them were amazing people.


Roselle Calina, Photography Team

My favorite experience so far was the Roxy Fitness Event in Batangas. I thought it was going to be overwhelming because since I’m the only one going, I would have to be the photographer and videographer at the same time, but it was the complete opposite. You know how most interns complain about gaining weight from most features? For me, being a WIMtern has helped me to stay fit. It was an entire relaxing day of running, yoga, and-my most favorite part- stand up paddle! I also got to hang out with one of the WIM admins, Isa Rodriguez, who never failed to keep me laughing. The best part was that I got bikinis as freebies, and they were so generous with the food. Remembering this event suddenly makes me want to have a dose of vitamin sea again!

Hannah Grace Encisa, Graphics Team

I truly enjoyed all of my projects equally, but what made this internship more special is the people I’ve worked with. I must admit, that I never expected to develop a barkada in this internship. (Kaway kaway to the “cartolina team” and to my first squad at Lia’s!). And even though we have our own squad within the whole WIMtern fam,  we all get along and everyone was just a joy to work with. I will always remember the DP shoot, because that is when I met almost all of the WIMterns and that’s when I also realized how blessed I am to be a part of this crazy amazing team. So yeah,  enough for being sappy. Here’s to more adventures!


Chel Cue, Photography Team

My favorite WIMtern experience would be when we met Ann Pamintuan at the Vetro Gallery!!! It was so inspiring seeing how someone put together everything they’ve learned so far in their life and turn it into art. And as someone trying to discover who I really am, it was also amazing seeing how Ann managed to adapt principles from her work, or craft, into her life, and vice versa. It was also something, seeing how she evolved into the artist she is today, as seen through the stories of her works from when she first started until now. In fact, one of my favorite things about being a WIMtern was getting to meet people like Ann. People who started from the bottom and how they really worked hard to make the most of their skill set and to make their dreams into realities.


Rhobynne Villaluna, Photography Team

“My WIMtern experience was a blast! I got to cover different restaurants, of course, it comes with being able to taste unique foods that I didn’t imagine encountering such as Costa Rican food in Pura Vida. But three experiences stood out among the rest, the first one was when I went with the WIM team to cover the media launch of the Inflatable Island in Subic (we also got free passes!) It was really tiring but definitely worth it. That was also the time where I got to meet other bloggers and learned more about their industry. The next one was when I went to Nurture Wellness Village wherein me, together with my fellow WIMterns, and Ms. Mae experienced their camping package. I got to bond with them, and taste extraordinary Filipino foods such as the Bagoong Pizza, and Bulalo Pizza. Lastly, was that time when I went to Thai Temple Spa and experienced the Thai way of relaxation with my mom. Yes, we were allowed to bring a +1, which made the experience a whole lot better! It is in this internship where I got to experience a lot of things I couldn’t have done if I listened to my other self about me doubting in what I can do in When In Manila.”

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