The Weekend Habit: Goods and Artisanal Crafts Fair

The Weekend Habit Poster - lowres

 The Weekend Habit is a local weekend market organized to cater to the weekend leisure of every epicurean and kid at heart. To celebrate and embrace the start of ber-months, the fair will run its first leg on the first weekend of September, September 2 & 3 at Burgos Park, Forbes Town, Taguig.

During the event, “weekend warriors” (event goers) will get to experience fun filled activities that are fit for everyone – from different fitness classes to kiddie shows, and arts and crafts sessions. Event goers will also be serenaded by the soothing voices of acoustic live performers.

The list of concessionaires has not been released yet but Joie Joson, Operations Head, tells that merchants were carefully picked and curated to suit the taste of the Metro. She also said that the pop-up fair focuses more on artisanal crafts than food merchants.

“It’s 20% food and 80% crafts. We wanted to showcase how great Filipinos are when it comes to bag making, shoe making, accessories etc. Let’s leave the chunk of food to food parks. Haha!”

According to their Marketing Head, Gianelle Maniego, “It is created to support local merchants and young entrepreneurs to be successful in their businesses. It will be a weekend of relaxation and fun for both merchants and attendees.

The event will start at 9 am and will last until 5 pm.

For more information, visit The Weekend Habit’s Facebook Page and check out @theweekendhabit on Instagram.