The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is “Cancelledt”

Victorias Secret

At least, that’s what Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik is saying.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the model said, “Unfortunately the Victoria’s Secret show won’t be happening this year. It’s something I’m not used to because every year around this time I’m training like an Angel.”

The company has not confirmed its cancelation but it echoes some statements Les Wexner, the founder and CEO of L Brands (the parent company of Victoria’s Secret) made earlier this year. He said, “fashion is a business of change. We must evolve and change to grow. With that in mind, we have decided to re-think the traditional Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Going forward we don’t believe network television is the right fit.”

Shaik believes that it won’t be permanent. She added, “But I’m sure in the future something will happen, which I’m pretty sure about. I’m sure they’re trying to work on branding and new ways to do the show because it’s the best show in the world.”

There are speculations that the show has been canceled because of declining ratings. In 2018, the show had its lowest number of viewers with 3.27 million people, compared to 2017’s 4.98 million. It is reportedly on a steady decline since 2013. At its peak in 2001, the show had 12.4 million viewers. The show has also faced scrutiny for its lack of diversity in its shows.

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The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show began in 1995. Since then, it has become known for its high-profile models, including Adriana Lima, Naomi Campbell, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and more. It is also known for its musical performers such as Rihanna, Kanye West, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, and the Spice Girls.

One of its highlights is the Fantasy Bra, which is only worn by a top model. They are available for sale, but only two have been sold, and the rest were dismantled after a year. In 2016, the coveted bra had $3 million worth of emeralds, diamonds, and other jewels.


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