The Velvet Box: Custom Jewelry At Its Finest!

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I think that every piece of jewelry counts too. There’s always something about jewelry that is somehow empowering, making women embrace elegance and style in a higher level. Having that vision in mind, The Velvet Box emerged. Started in the 1970s, jewelry making has been in The Velvet Box’s creators’ family passion for decades. From jewelry sets, ternos, engagement rings, and wedding rings, The Velvet Box continue to make affordable, yet high-quality accessories that are crafted to perfection.


Some of their best sellers are their customizable Name Necklaces and Monograms (which can be made out of gold, brass, steel, or sterling silver depending on your preference) that’s perfect for you or for someone you love. Each box also comes with instructions on how to properly care for the jewelries and a soft cloth specially tailored for cleaning.


They also accept requests as to how you would want the jewelries to look like, so it really has that personal touch and sense of involvement when it comes to the creation process. The price of their products depends on the grams and the karats, which can go from Php 850 and up, but it is guaranteed that the quality will sure to live up to the cost! What are you waiting for? Indulge and spoil yourself a little with The Velvet Box!

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