The Titas of Homonhon: A Heartwarming Experience of True Filipino Hospitality

Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann of BecomingFilipino shared two of his experiences of true Filipino hospitality which would surely make you go,” awwww.”

The first story is about Tita Chrispina Garrado, a 79-year-old woman who showed him kindness.


Tita Chrispina saw Kulas right in front of her house when he shielded himself away from the heat of the sun. In his post, Kulas said he felt bad because he thought he startled the old lady since she immediately went back inside her house, but Tita Chrispina ended up doing this:

Then she suddenly came back and opened the door again. Chrispina Garrado was 79 nine years old, and had a complete random stranger imposing on her deck. What did she do? That chair I am sitting on in this photo… she took it from inside her house and brought it for me. She insisted that I take a seat and relax. In fact, she saw my friends a bit farther down the street and offered the bench.

This simple gestured moved Kulas and a part of his post had this message:

I am telling you right now… this is the kind of stuff that needs to be shared around the world. This is the kind of simple beauty I can’t get enough of here in the Philippines… Especially in the Provinces. The kind of simple beauty that inspires me so much.

(See his actual post here)

I sent a message to Kulas, asking him if I could share his story here on He was so happy about it and he even shared another one which happened just hours after his moment with Tita Chrispina.

This one is about another kind gesture involving M&Ms:


His Filipino friend spotted some M&Ms at the back of a sari-sari store in Homonhon. She thought they were for sale but when she asked the manang inside, they were told that she wasn’t selling the chocolates. Kulas figured the shelf at the back of the store might have been for special gifts.


But then, the manang grabbed the pack of M&Ms and insisted that they have some for free. They declined, but she opened the package right then and there and gave them nearly half of it!

Quoting Kulas, he said:

Just beautiful, simple acts of selfless giving.  May have just been “special M&Ms” but the world can certainly learn from that.

Such a beautiful story of selfless acts that show true Filipino hospitality. Awww.

Kyle “Kulas” Jennermann will soon have his own travel show airing on ANC! We’d surely love to keep up with his adventures here in the Philippines. 🙂

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