The Taco Emoji is Coming to Android and iOs Soon


Communication gets more interesting with a dabble of emoji here and there. And in the name of open source, the list of emojis gets longer over time to cater to just about any possible emotion or symbol that a user requires.

Seven months ago, more than 32,000 people (some of which are hardcore Taco Bell fans) signed a petition requesting for a taco emoji. They prayed and the geek heavens answered. Last June 17, this request was granted. They have 36 more to add to the collection according to the Unicode Consortium, the guys who are in charge of making new emojis happen. The change can be observed in Apple and android device updates in the near future.

Previously, Apple already allowed for a more diverse emoji modifier by allowing change in skin tone to facial emojis.

Aside from the taco, they also included burrito, popcorn, hotdog, and unicorn face. There are even additional spiritually related icons such as prayer beads and mosque.

Tell us what you think! What other new emojis should be included in the next round of updates?