The Street Store: A Pop-Up Shop for the Homeless to Receive and for You to Give this December 19

All over the world, there are hundreds and thousands of homeless people in need of something to eat and something to wear. They each have their own story, some unlucky to find a job, some suddenly lost their jobs, etc. Why they’re there is a whole different story and we are in no place to judge, what we can do however is help them.

While there are a variety of foundations that help give alms to the poor, the Street Store gives them more a unique experience. It doesn’t just aim to give them clothes to wear, it aims to give them back their dignity by allowing them to “shop” for their clothes rather than beg for it or dig for it in the garbage.



How it Works:

Of course, to make this successful, the Street Store will be needing YOUR donations. So if you have a few extra clothes or household stuff lying around, please do not hesitate to donate it. The items you donate will be displayed for the homeless and less privileged to choose from. You can find more details here –

When and Where:

The Street Store is happening on December 19 from 9am to 12noon at The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, No. 34 Dona Hemady St., New Manila, Quezon City


Audee Villaraza, one of the advocates of the Street Store shares the following post:

“I’ve always believed in the concept of making space so that there’s room to receive again. What better to do this by clearing out your closet with the clothes that you no longer wear and then giving them to others who would appreciate them.

The Street Store is a unique campaign that started in Africa and is now breaking out globally. The idea is not to just give out clothes, but to give back the dignity of the homeless by letting them “shop” for what they want – for free.

If you wish to help out by donating clothes, cash, physical help, you can message Karla Lozano at or simply visit

This will such an awesome and unique experience not just for the homeless people who will receive your clothes, but for YOU as well. Imagine being able to give much more than just material things… to be able to give them back a little dignity, and maybe even share a story or two. Let’s help spread the word and hopefully, this pop-up store for the homeless will bless thousands of lives on December 19!