Travel Enthusiasts Unite at the PHL360 Exclusive Screening and Kick-Off Party


When In Manila, I’m sure you’re browsing around the net and looking for the perfect getaway! Well, it’s actually different to read about a destination and actually watch how some travellers got there and enjoyed themselves in the vacation. This is what you will get to watch at PHL360: The Ultimate Adventure Starts here; the full-circle experience of travelling.



I myself would love to travel! Just like most people, I think of budget and time constraints since I have a day job and I don’t exactly have a bottomless wallet. This is why I read some travel blogs. It just fascinates me that some of them have day/night jobs and still manage to get to so many places! Talk about passion and dedication.



Imagine my joy when I got this PHL360 launch invite at the (electronic) mail.






I knew I couldn’t pass up watching the first episode in advance and meeting travel bloggers! So last June 16, I attended the exclusive screening and kick-off party of PHL360, an upcoming travel web series.



PHL360 The Road to 360

When I entered the hallway, I saw the lovely displays. They were items and photos  from the show. 

PHL360 travellers' things

PHL360 travellers' things

Who says you can’t have fun without electricity and internet? 

PHL360 photograph

PHL360 photograph

PHL360 photograph

PHL360 photograph

I really enjoyed looking at the photo gallery. The photos really captured the joy and pains of travelling! 




The venue was at the Filipinas Heritage Library. This place was also known as the Nielson Tower, the country’s first modern and commercial international airport established in 1937. A travel web series launch at an airport where journeys take off. How fitting for the occasion.

Dinner and drinks were served before the event proper. I arrived around 5 minutes before the program started so I didn’t get to take a bite but the other guests seemed to enjoy it!

PHL 360 Dandi Galvez Launch Venue

PHL360 launch venue. Photo by Dandi Galvez.

Then the program went to a start. The hosts were so energetic and lively. At first I thought they were really hosts by profession but it turned out they were Santi Obcena, a Project Runway Season 2 competitor  and Lilit Reyes, multi-awarded scriptwriter and independent film producer. 

PHL360 Santi Obcena Lilit Reyes

Santi Obcena and Lilit Reyes, the hosts for the night



They called up some of the production crew to go up front.  First was Nina Fuentes. I  am a big fan of hers and I love her blog! She was the one who greeted me when I registered and I asked her name so I’ll be sure it was her.  She was really nice.  She even said thanks when I told her I read her blog.  

PHL360 Nina Fuentes

Nina Fuentes 



Next were the writers for the show. They were Upper Viceo  and Justin Joyas.

PHL360 Upper Viceo

Upper Viceo




PHL360 Justin Joya

Justin Joyas 



 Then there’s also Franz Lopez who I follow at Tumblr because of his awesome works.  Well, he was one of the brains in conceptualizing PHL 360. Ron Cruz and he wanted to make a short travel film to enter at the Cinemalaya competition. The idea got bigger and turned into a travel web series.  People came to show their support. Sponsors poured their help for the PHL360 production. Well, it really wasn’t impossible for the PHL360 crew to put up this web series, they were all passionate and dedicated to travelling and helping to boost Philippine Tourism. 

PHL360 Franz Lopez

Franz Lopez



Before the cast was introduced, a music group from Cavite named Sruvaleh graced the stage to play some ethereal beats. I loved their music! It’s nice to take a break from the commercial music and listen to indigenous ones. Good thing they were at the PHL360 launch.



PHL360 Sruvaleh

PHL360 Sruvaleh

PHL360 Sruvaleh

Members of Sruvaleh 

Members from the audience also got engaged in the program as freebies from PHL360 sponsors were given away. 

PHL360 Contest

Game volunteer 

Then the PHL360 cast graces the stage! I’m sure you know most of them since they are well-known travel bloggers in the blog-o-sphere.

PHL360 Dong Ho

Dong Ho, Adventure Buff 

PHL360 Hannah Villasis

Hannah Villasis, Sporty Tripper 

PHL360 Robbie BautistaRobbie Bautista, Quirky Wanderboy

PHL360 cast


PHL360 Monette Fernandez

Monette Fernandez, Hippie Hobo 

PHL360 Ron Cruz

Ron Cruz, Rebel Tramp

PHL360 Robert Alejandro

Robert Alejandro, Artsy Backpacker 

PHL360 Chyng Reyes

 Chyng Reyes,  Urban Nomad



PHL360 Chichi Bacolod

 Chichi Bacolod, Gutsy Chic

After the cast members have been introduced, all eyes were on the screen upfront for the  world premiere of PHL360. Well, I don’t want to let out any spoilers but take it from me, it’s not the the usual reality show. You can really feel the genuine dialogue from the cast. What kept it very interesting was the contrasting characters of the travel partners in each destination and the amusing snippets that are within the show! 

I really admire all the people behind the PHL360 production. I have always aspired to be a travel blogger but after watching the first episode, it made me think of actualizing that aspiration. 

So When In Manila, watch out for the World Wide Web Premiere of PHL360: The Ultimate Adventure Starts Here on JUNE 28, 2012! Who knows, you might be the next one to embark on your own Philippine Adventure.

PHL360: The Ultimate Adventure Starts Here

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Travel Enthusiasts Unite at the PHL360 Exclusive Screening and Kick-Off Party


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