READ: The realizations of a “wealth coach” after conversing with a taho vendor

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and we have to work hard to earn it. Other than meeting ‘needs’, we also have ‘wants’ to spend.

This financial coach shares on his Facebook page a conversation he had with a taho vendor that made him think about the concept of investing.

This is the post’s rough translation:

Php 2,000 per day.

I purchased a Php 10 taho this morning. Out of curiosity, I asked the vendor how much he earns since what he carries is heavy.

Me: What time does your supply (taho) run out?

Taho Vendor: I head out at 5:30 AM. It’s fully consumed by 11:00 AM.

Me: So how much do you head out in one day?

Taho Vendor: Once is enough. If twice, it could be dangerous since it could possibly be too hot. If I consume one side of my carried container, I could reach Php 2000.

5 AM to 11 AM, the taho vendor earns Php 2000. The normal salary is Php 750/day. Almost Php 48,000 for 26days, that’s only half day – what if the taho vendor sells merienda (snacks) in the afternoon?

What do you guys think? It’s a matter of the right strategy and sacrifice when it comes to investing.

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