The Project 420 Party




Engkanto Reggae

I feel like I’m in Coachella or the usual Palm Springs pool and beach party. You’d see hot girls in bikinis, and there were some who were just too shy to flaunt it that they just wore the usual cut off shorts and  bikini top.  Some opted to wear the typical summer outfits like tie-dyed shirts and bohemian skirts, men with dreadlocks(mostly the ones who have this “reggae” culture going on)  and those who were just too lazy to dress up wore the typcial “I’m about to go to bed” look.


Ej, one of the people behind Project 420


One of the highlights of the event is the Sky Lantern. The sight is beautiful and spectacular. They even have fireworks which made the sky a breath taking sight.


 kids and their Sky Lanterns



 Beer Pong

As for food to eat? There’s grilled barbecue, KFC, Desserts and snacks and “pulutans” paired for your drinks. You’ll get HIGH on booze and good vibes!!!

So, who says we don’t have something like Palm Springs pool party here in the Philippines? We could throw a Pool party Projext X style!  Awesome Djs, cool bands, unlimited booze and cool crowd. A perfect summer event worth remembering.

The Project 420 Party


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