The Power of Three: Getting Closer to Nature


page3The place is filled with trivia and facts about the environment. If you’re searching for a  destination in educational field trips, this is the perfect place.




page5Enjoyed the colorful flora and fauna. The butterflies in the Butterfly sanctuary are stunning, along with the colorful flowers that are in full bloom all around the area.




pageThe animal farm is also full of activities that you could enjoy with your family and friends. Pictured above are some of them. 





I also love how they took special care in choosing their decorations and whatnot. Everything looked very organic, and you can clearly see that they care a lot about the environment by promoting recycling items. Top: DIY Fly trap, Recycled Abanico for decor, Flower bed decor from fallen flowers that are kept fresh from the water underneath. Down: Recycled Coconut shell for decor, Lemon Grass Tea served during lunch, and adorable stone decor with words engraved on them.




DSC09725 My sister holding a baby bunny we found lurking outside her cage.




DSC09897A shot at their amazing infinity pond! 🙂




DSC09748The farm-zoo also features a unique attraction: their Pet Cemetery. This was built in order to provide out beloved pets with a proper resting place when they leave us. They also have a Pet Columbarium which is still under construction but will be operating soon.