The Power of Three: Getting Closer to Nature

When in Manila or any other part of the Philippines, it can’t be denied that theme parks and such are becoming a hotspot. Because of the busyness of the everyday surroundings, Filipinos seem to look for ways to entertain themselves and somehow reduce the stress brought about by their daily loads. And to answer to that need, Zoomanity group aimed to provide leisure and enjoyment through building several theme parks that promote natural awareness and environmental education. The group planned a series of activities to promote these attractions and in turn promote our country’s eco-tourism.








Last January 19th, Zoomanity’s annual Power of Three (floral, vegetable, and livestock fair) event was held in Paradizoo, Mendez, Cavite with the theme “Celebrate the Fruits of Agriculture”.








I came with my sister a little earlier than the other delegates so as we waited for the others, we decided to roam around the area. It was really nice, the air was crisp, the weather good and I can say that I now know why it is considered a destination to relax. There were animals freely roaming around the area, and while we were enjoying ourselves sight-seeing and feeding some animals, one worker at the zoo/farm approached us and explained things about these animals going as far as giving us their [animals] names and even providing us some weird facts/trivia about each of them. It was a pretty fun conversation, and we really thank you Manong for accommodating us so kindly. 🙂








When the rest of the delegation arrived, we then proceeded to a familiarization tour through Paradizoo headed by Mr. Isidro Laforteza, COO of Paradizoo and Residence Inn. It was a quick and enjoyable tour with those in-charge in each area (livestocks, flowers, etc.) giving us background about what where are seeing as we push through with the tour.







Paradizoo features different animals that you would truly enjoy observing. Pictured above are some of them. And notice, in the center is the five-legged carabao that the media has raved about in the past, wittingly called Bulltes 5




When asked about Paradizoo’s competitive advantage, Mr. Robert Yupangco said that unlike other theme parks or zoos that cater those with exotic interests and those seeking thrill, Paradizoo showcases animals which we can can see in normal farms with the addition of some uncommon one, like camels. It is because they aim to give their visitors the relaxation that they need. And I can say, walking through Paradizoo is like walking on your own farm or a normal countryside — it gives you just that: RELAXATION.