The Power of Three: Getting Closer to Nature

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After a quick tour in the remaining attractions that we haven’t taken a look at in the Paradizoo Theme Park, the group then headed out to visit the Residence Inn at Tagaytay City. Though I was practically almost just living within the area, it was my first time coming to it. We were ushered to have our seats because a show is about to play.




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First up is the Residence Inn Cobra Show where Serpentina played with her “pet” snakes. I swear, everyone is on the edge of their seats every time she flirts with the cobra. She kisses it in the head, poke it, and at one time, it even almost came too close to her that we thought it bit her straight in the face– but she just maintained her eye contact with the reptile. It was both crazy and thrilling, and I can say that everyone enjoyed themselves.




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And then another presentation, this time it was the Tagaytay Storybook Adventures. I initially thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, but bit by bit, it has grown on me. I love that they exhibited trained animals in there. Imagine: trained cats crossing a rope, trained mice chasing each other, and even trained pigs parading themselves on stage. It was really entertaining, along with the magic tricks of Lakan-Taal that came with the magic word “Alakazam” plus the really awesome act at the end. And can I ever forget, the very witty mime whom everyone enjoyed, surely. 🙂 I can’t remember the last time I came to watch a show like that, I felt like I was a child again.




2013 01 19 16.41.20The writer with the cast of Tagaytay Storybook Adventures



We proceeded with touring the area… and of course, the finale: the zip line and the cable car. 🙂



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I have an acute fear of heights so I was really confused if I’m shaking from the cold or just because of nervousness. It was my first time, and my sister has to convince me for quite some time to try it. But alas, I did! And because of this tour, I just conquered one of my fears.




2013 01 19 17.42.44Took the cable car and still managed to take a shot of the view. Like a boss, eh. 😀




It was a really memorable experience! 🙂 Thank you Zoomanity Group for planning such a wonderful tour. When in Manila, it’s easy to get bummed out because of the stress that the bustling suburb is bringing. When it comes to that, it’s always nice to just get away from it all and let yourself relax and have fun – and I can guarantee, Paradizoo Theme Park and the Residence Inn are the perfect place for it. 🙂






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The Power of Three: Getting Closer to Nature