The NatGeo Run: 6 Things You Can Do to Show Mother Earth Some Love

Words by: Giorgia Ocampo Danga
Graphics by: Elena Salazar

Most of us, growing up, our mamas never failed to remind us to keep our homes clean. So we washed the dishes, walked barefoot on the cold floor tiles, and swept the floor.

On April 22, it’s Mother Earth’s—the mama of all mommas slash our only home’s—special day! Time to show her how much we love her by keeping her clean, alive, and well. How? Here are 6 little things we can do on Earth day (and every day) to show her we care.

6. Get your hands dirty, plant a tree

Have you seen Metro Manila from up above? With one construction after the other, Manila has turned into a concrete jungle. I mean, we are for developments and all, but let’s face it, those train tracks don’t absorb carbon dioxide, provide oxygen, nor clean the air that we breathe. Join tree planting initiatives or grow one in your backyard!

5. Conserve energy using LED

Here’s a bright idea, ditch your yellow light bulbs for LED lights. They may be initially pricier to purchase, but they live longer! A longer life span means lower carbon emissions and less need for replacements (that require energy consuming processes). Moreover, they are up to 80% more energy efficient than your old yellow bulbs.

4. Fix the leaks

It’s easy to think that a few drops wasted won’t do any harm. A faucet leaking overnight can actually fully fill up a regular timba. Imagine how many shampoo rinses you’ve already wasted. You’re not just damaging the environment, you’re causing your wallet pain from sky-rocketing water bills. Fix it. Immediately.

3. Promote the tote

That water bottle doesn’t need a sando bag. That pen from the bookstore doesn’t need another wrapping. Your new cardigan doesn’t need a new paper bag. Bring your own tote bags when you do your shopping. They’re washable, cute, and handy. Tip: Give your friends matchy-matchy tote bags for their birthday and then shop together like eco warrior bffs.

2. Collect your plastics and make eco bricks

Only Regina George can have plastics. Say no to single use plastics! While we can reduce our consumption of plastic, there’s already too much plastic polluting the world, waiting for a thousand years to decompose. Have you heard of the plastic solution? It’s simple. Collect your plastic wastes, put them in a plastic bottle, and then bring them to drop off points. They magically turn into beautiful houses.

1. Run under the sun

Call your friends and show Mother Earth some love on her day by sweating it out.

Join the National Geographic and World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines along with 15,000 runners and eco warriors in the commencement of the #NotPlastic campaign.

Want to support the cause but running is not for you? No problem! You don’t even have to run, you can just walk! Really, there’s a 3K!

The NatGeo Earth Day Run 2018 is happening on April 22, 2018, Sunday, at the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay city. Race kit includes a singlet, race bib, timing chip, water bottle and towel. 10K finishers will receive a finisher’s medal, while 21K finishers will receive a finisher’s medal and a finisher’s shirt.

Registration fees are as follows:

  • 3K category – Php 750.00
  • 5K category – Php 850.00
  • 10K category – Php 950.00
  • 21K category – Php 1,400.00

For more details, log on to or visit their official facebook page at

What about you? How are you taking part in saving Mother Earth? Tell us your story in the comments!


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