LOOK: Why Did This Netizen Cry When She Saw Metro Manila From The Air?

According to scientists, living near trees is good for our health. In cities, the effect is strongest in neighborhoods with lots of street trees. Science just verified what we’ve known all this time, which is that having trees around reduces stress, purifies the air, and encourages people to become more physically active, while improving the quality of life in our cities. Trees are natural air conditioners–the temperature in areas with lots of trees are cooler than areas with none, an effect that is more noticeable in summer.

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In a nutshell, trees are cool and their loss is not cool. A netizen was particularly mournful of this when she saw how grey and barren Metro Manila is from the air. Here is her snapshot.

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Photo by Summer Reyes-Carullo


Do you think trees are important to have in our cities? How do we encourage the planting of more trees or how do we protect the remaining ones in our cities? Share your thoughts below!