THE MUSIC RUN: Party While Getting Your Fitness On With Saucony!

My latest run adventure took me to an unexpected event: The Music Run 2016! Combing two things I enjoy the most – fitness and parties, The Music Run was definitely an experience for the books.

 My First 5k Run

Ever since my very first 6k forest run with Merrell, I’ve decided to to give running a shot. Although my history with this physical activity was once limited to running to the mall to shop (and the occasional running around, crashing parades and such), I’ve discovered a new found appreciation for joining organized runs.

First thing’s first, though! Getting proper gear!


Most people (meaning me before this run and before being fitted with running shoes ????) do not realize the importance of proper running shoes. Different activities involve different movement and thus require different gear.

When you run, your feet takes the shock of 2.5 times the weight of your own body weight and, well, obviously, this means you need more cushioning to make sure you don’t break anything (our bodies may be well oiled machines now but we only have this one body so we better take care of it!). Runners also usually need shoes with more flexibility and support.


The Saucony Kineta Relay worked wonders for me at this run. Aside from coming in a cutesy, cool pink color (haha of course, it being pink is a big selling point for me), it’s really light & breathable – so much so that I really did notice a difference when compared to running with my  non-running sneakers. Plus, this has the Form2U ultra-plush memory foam footbed that made me feel like I was walking on marshmallows the whole time!

The Music Run 2016


The Music Run is a non-competitive 5k run that was held last week. Aside from being an untimed run, it is also a music festival! How is that even possible, you ask?

The whole race are was rigged with speakers and fun activities. People also got to choose what sounds would play depending on genre! The run featured different music genres for different legs.


The path was laid out around Mckinley and it pretty nice running around a quiet corner of the city, for once. Of course my favorite part was the ‘Old School’ leg – the Backstreet Boys blaring in the background is always a scenario I am amenable to.

At some point, there was confetti and a light show!


I was able to finish the run in 35 minutes but people’s end times varied. The great thing about the Music Run is that it’s not one of those super competitive runs. People came to enjoy the whole experience and it’s a great event for first time runners.


The Event with DJ Sam Withers


After the run, another treat was lined up for the Music Run attendees. International DJ Sam Withers played an awesome set for the runners!


Aaaaand, we got to go onstage to take a quick photo with the awesome DJ!

That concert was one for the books. The energy was high and people were definitely pumped up – even after running 5 kilometers! This was how it all went down:


All in all, my experience with my very first city run was made memorable by this one of a kid event. My usual qualm about joining runs is that I might get bored on a city trail but The Music Run definitely made sure that that wouldn’t happen to their participants.

When in Manila, the Music Run was a great way to get into running and the party mood! Here’s to hoping there are more events like this the metro!

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