TRAVEL: Dumaguete City’s Sandurot Festival, A Feast For All Your Senses

When in the Philippines, there are 7,107 island that you can discover and explore. On each one of those beautiful islands, there are different sights to be seen, different food to be had, and different fiestas to be celebrated! Last year, I promised myself I’d try to see as much as I can of our beautiful country. That plan has yet to disappoint me. Truly, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

Last weekend, I flew to Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental for the Sandurot Festival! The Sandurot festival is an annual fiesta that lasts a week long which celebrates the City of Dumaguete, its culture, its people, and its history.

Touchdown Dumaguete!

Dumaguete overlooks the Bohol Sea and is a ferry away from Cebu and Siquijor Island. It is known as the the ‘City Of Gentle’ people because of the warm and friendly locals. The laid back and relaxed mood of Dumaguete makes it a popular spot to retire. These days, its 120,000 population also includes those who fell in love with the City by the sea & have decided to settle there.


I arrived in Dumaguete on a lazy Friday afternoon. The first order of business was a quick lunch. Across the street from a row of restaurants and cafes (one of which is where we had our lunch) is the Rizal Boulevard which is a long stretch overlooking the sea where people can enjoy the view and the beautiful ocean breeze. This city view is definitely unlike any other.


The monument of the 7 sisters of St. Paul Chartres marks the arrival of the Catholic nuns in 1904 to help educate the Dumaguete youth. It can be found along Rizal Boulevard.

Click HERE to read about how Dumaguete city got its name. 


Pictured above is the Silliman Hall which is the oldest building in Silliman University. Founded by Horace Silliman, the Presbyterian University is also the first American University in the Philippines and in Asia. It is one of the most recognized Universities in the country and is wildly popular for it’s literary workshops which is attended by the country’s greatest literary minds.

Dumaguete is also known as the University City because of the presence of 4 different universities and numerous colleges.


St. Catherine Alexandria Cathedral or the Dumaguete Cathedral is the oldest stone church in Negros.

An afternoon was not enough to fully explore the city. Although this was not my first time in Dumaguete, this was the first time I explored the city & learned about its rich history


Dumaguete is not called the City of Gentle People for nothing! Found new friends at the Tourist Information booth (pictured above with Ms. Pearl who taught me everything there is to know about Dumaguete)!

Checking in

I was checked in at the Sta. Monica Beach Club which boasts of spacious rooms, a pool, a dive bar, and a beatiful ocean view.


I stayed at a two floor, three bed room! So much space for my lonesome self! I later found out that I got the resort’s family room which explains the two room, one bath set up. The room was also equipped with a ref, a tv, and a hairdryer (#GirlConcerns). They also had round the clock front desk services and a breakfast buffet.


The staff at Sta. Monica Beach Resort were really nice and very accommodating. At some point they even offered to bring food from the breakfast buffet to my room! Now that is service!


The beautiful view outside my room. The resort is a sprawling compound with lush greenery.


And the ocean is just right there! Dumaguete & the surrounding towns is also home to a number of dive shops and snorkeling areas. The diverse marine wildlife in the area is a famous tourist attraction.

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