The Medical City Continues to Pioneer Excellence in Philippine Healthcare With Innovative Solutions

The Medical City (TMC) continues solidifying its legacy as the Philippines’ leader in healthcare innovation, marking a year of significant achievement and growth.

In the past year, TMC embraced artificial intelligence (AI) and has integrated it into its imaging services for chest X-rays. This has significantly enhanced the hospital’s diagnostic capabilities, elevating the compliance rate for finalizing chest X-ray results from 98% to an impressive 99.88%.

This leap in efficiency, achieved amidst a 40% surge in patient volume, underscores its scalability and commitment to delivering timely, accurate care, particularly in urgent scenarios within its emergency department.

The Medical City

Photo: The Medical City

It has also introduced a microwave ablation procedure for tumor debulking, a first in the Philippines, and launched radiofrequency ablation for thyroid nodules, offering patients minimally invasive treatment options that minimize recovery time and enhance outcomes.

Moreover, its Cardiovascular and Neurological Institutes have been at the forefront of clinical innovation.

Its successful implementation of minimally invasive techniques like Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) and Outpatient Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) has revolutionized cardiovascular care, offering patients safer alternatives with quicker recovery times and lower complication risks.

Since January 2023, TMC has performed its 11th TAVI—the first unproctored procedure within the institution—and completed 24 Outpatient PCIs, with patients discharged on the same day.

Meanwhile, the hospital’s Mechanical Thrombectomy and the Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT) program have set new benchmarks in stroke care. The Brain Attack Team’s response time, averaging three minutes, surpasses international standards, ensuring rapid intervention that minimizes the long-term impacts of strokes.

The Mechanical Thrombectomy, a minimally invasive procedure designed to remove blood clots and restore blood flow, has become a cornerstone in treating moderate-to-severe strokes, with TMC achieving a remarkable 92.3% success rate in restoring blood flow in patients since the EVT program’s inception in September 2018.

“Through these initiatives, TMC not only underscores its role as a leader in medical innovation but also reaffirms its deep-seated commitment to enhancing patient care and outcomes in the Philippines and beyond,” the company said.

Revolutionizing Maternity Care

TMC has also observed a significant trend in healthcare regarding the release of maternity packages and the competition to offer the lowest cost. Whilst this initially became a challenge for the hospital, it has curated an all-inclusive maternity package with value-added inclusion and complete maternity and infant care satisfaction by collaborating with brands that share the same goal.

It forged partnerships with the online-to-offline retail platform Edamama, wherein the latter provided a Hello Mommy and Baby bag, which included a mom and baby care kit. The marketing team also worked with its internal meal distributor to offer a celebratory meal for the mom and the dad. These touches made the package more memorable and had a more personal approach.

Since TMC offered this to the public, the census increased by 5% in total deliveries and a 12% increase for normal spontaneous deliveries compared to the previous year.

“This initiative set a new standard in maternity care, centered on providing care, comfort, and unmatched medical support for expectant mothers and their newborns,” it said.

Overall, the company’s innovations and patient-centric initiatives have translated into a notable 9.2% increase in revenue compared to 2022, reflecting the growing trust and preference within their communities. It noted that enhanced public perception is also pivotal in its ascending trajectory. 

A key driver of this ascendancy has been its strategic use of social media, which achieved an unprecedented 80 million reach in 2023, demonstrating the power of digital platforms in amplifying its message of healthcare excellence and innovation.

Amidst this successful performance, TMC brought home the Hospital of the Year – Philippines at the coveted Healthcare Asia Awards 2024. At the same time, its maternity care marketing initiative took the Marketing Initiative of the Year – Philippines, whilst its cardiovascular and neurological innovation won the Patient Care Initiative of the Year – Philippines category.

The prestigious awards program recognizes exceptional healthcare providers that have redefined healthcare standards through their unwavering dedication to innovation, setting new industry benchmarks and substantial contributions to their communities.