The Maine’s Intimate Show in Manila Felt Like Home

After their first solo show in 2012, American rock band The Maine finally returned to Manila for their You Are OK Tour! The show was held at New Frontier Theater on September 11, powered by Pulp Live World. Every The Maine concert in Manila has felt like home for all of their Filipino fans. It was like a mini reunion for the fans who grew up with The Maine and their music, and it was  heartwarming to witness their fanbase—the 8123 family—grow.

WiM The Maine 091419 Cancio 36

Solo artist from a band called Wanderer, Adam Simons put the crowd in the mood with his upbeat tunes and chill vibe while waiting for John, Pat, Kennedy, Garrett, and Jared to rock the stage. Adam also joined the boys during their set where he played keyboards and guitar.

WiM The Maine 091419 Cancio 5

After a 1-minute countdown, The Maine showed up in all-white outfits, looking fresh and pumped up! They opened the show with their latest single Slip The Noose followed by another new track Numb Without You and Am I Pretty? from the American Candy album. The band performed five songs from You Are OK album; the other three were My Best Habit, Broken Parts, and Heaven, We’re Already Here.

WiM The Maine 091419 Cancio 1

WiM The Maine 091419 Cancio 21


John reminded the crowd to put their phones down and enjoy the moment, which made the show more intimate and fun. The Maine performed 18 songs, most of which were from previous albums such as Miles Way, (Un)lost, Don’t Come Down, Misery, We All Roll Along, When I’m At Home, How Do You Feel, Like We Did (Windows Down), Black Butterflies and Deja Vu, and Bad Behavior.

WiM The Maine 091419 Cancio 11

WiM The Maine 091419 Cancio 29

It felt so pure to see everyone jumping and singing their hearts out, and the crowd going wilder when they finally played Taxi! As requested, everyone also sang in unison when John unexpectedly played the first verse and chorus of the classic song, Saving Grace.

WiM The Maine 091419 Cancio 25

The show ended on a very touching moment when John asked the crowd to put their phones in their pockets and get connected with each other by wrapping both arms around anyone standing beside them while singing Another Night On Mars. That’s what 8123 is all about, after all: family.

WiM The Maine 091419 Cancio 46

WiM The Maine 091419 Cancio 49

It was an incredible night! I am so thankful for these humble and sweet human beings for making us all feel OK. We hope to see them again next year!

Special thanks to Pulp Live World for this memorable show!