The LRT 2 Guide Map: Things to Do and Places to See at Each Station

6. Gilmore Station: Gilmore I.T. Center

Gilmore IT Center 2Image: Gilmore I.T. Center Facebook Page

Right around the corner of Gilmore station is the Gilmore I.T. Center, a place where you can buy the cheapest electronics. As soon as you step out of Gilmore station, various employees from different computer stores will walk up to you and ask if you need to buy or get something fixed. This is your one-stop shop for all your consumer electronics like computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers, ink refills, security and CCTV devices.

Other places near Gilmore: Greenhills Shopping Center, Broadway Centrum, Aurora Garden Plaza, Robinsons Magnolia

5. Betty Go-Belmonte Station: Holy Buddhist Temple

Holy Buddhist Temple

The Holy Buddhist Temple is approximately six minutes walk away from the station. If you want to experience going to a Buddhist temple, you can find the Holy Buddhist Temple near the exit of the station at North Domingo Street. The only problem here is, they’re not always open to the public. The person I talked to at the temple said they’re usually open on Sundays, and as long as the gate is open then people can come in. They do, however, offer Chinese massage and ventosa every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month from 8AM-12PM.

Other places near Betty Go-Belmonte: Cubao Cathedral, Religious of the Virgin Mary Motherhouse

4. Araneta Center-Cubao Station: Shopping Centers

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A friend of mine once said I can find everything I’m looking for in Cubao. He’s right as the area is full of malls, restaurants, markets, and shops! If one mall doesn’t have the thing you’re looking for, you can easily walk to the closest one. If you’re craving a specific food, you can just check out the surrounding areas because you’re sure to find it. If you want to go to a market instead of the usual grocery store, you can head over to Farmers Market. You can even buy cheap plants or flowers at Farmers Garden. A lot of public transportations also pass through Cubao so if you need to leave Quezon City, Cubao is the spot for you!

Bonus: If you want to check out vintage items or try out good drinks, head on over to Cubao Expo, which houses quirky shops and bars.

3. Anonas Station: Ukay-Ukay



Anonas is my go-to ukay-ukay place. The stores are conveniently near each other because they’re just compiled into one building. There are four floors in total so you’re sure to buy something before leaving! Each ukay-ukay store offers something different so it’ll be so much fun going through all the stores. The building is just outside the station. You’ll find it right beside the church.

Other places near Anonas: Anson Supermart, Hi-Top Supermart

2. Katipunan Station: Ateneo Art Gallery

Arete Ateneo Art Gallery

Ateneo Art Gallery has moved to a new building called Arete which is Ateneo’s creative hub. The entrance to this museum is free of charge. You get to appreciate art and take Instagram-worthy photos without having to pay for anything! They mostly dabble in modern art. Some areas for the exhibit inside, like your usual art galleries, are everchanging so you can go every now and then to see what new art they have in store for you.

Other places near Katipunan: UP Diliman Area 2, UP Vargas Museum, The Pop Up Katipunan

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1. Santolan Station: Riverbanks Center

Riverbanks CenterImage: Riverbanks Center Facebook Page

Riverbanks Center is another shopping place you can go to. They are said to have the most outlet stores in one area so hooray for named brands for a much lower price! Aside from all the shopping you’ll be doing there, they have museums you can go to like: The Philippine Science Centrum, Joey Velasco Gallery, Spirit of Bethlehem Belen Museum, House of Miniatures, and the Guinness World’s Biggest Shoes. They also have an amphitheater for concerts and activities. At Riverbanks Center, you won’t run out of things to do or see.

And that’s the end (or the beginning) of LRT Line 2! What do you think of the places mentioned above? Let us know in the comments section if you have any more recommendations!