The Launch of Beautybook

When in Manila, women here loves to pamper themselves pretty all the time. As the saying goes “People will stare, make it worth their while.”  What do you usually do when you don’t have any idea what to wear, or what the best makeup look that goes for your outfit, or when you wake up one day with a humongous zit on your forehead and it’s your wedding day. That could be quite alarming don’t you think? Well most of us usually ask a friend’s advise but majority nowadays go to the Internet and ask google on what to do in these situations. Now, the good news is that we don’t have to scroll and click several links just to find the right solution to our beauty dilemmas. There’s finally a website that we Filipinas can go to when it comes to basically everything we need to know about beauty and fashion.


The Beauty Book launch


What is the Beautybook?


Beautybook is the modern Filipina’s’s beauty bible. It is the online beauty portal that covers the A to Z of beauty, from beauty essentials to edgy high fashion trends to the modern Filipina woman. It serves as a comprehensive guide that allows Filipinas to navigate through what the current beauty industry has to offer, helping filipinas of all ages discover beauty regimens and secrets to make their own.

Beautybook is divided according to the four beauty matters of every Filipina. Hair Story:All About Hair is where one can get tips on hair care, hairstyle guides and know about the latest hair trends. Skin Ever After:All About Skin will give one insight on proper skincare, skin solutions to maintain healthy looking skin all year round. Magic Glam:Fashion and Makeup is one’s source for fashion and makeup trends, including step-by-step guides to achieve the latest looks. Lastly, The Royal Treatment:Beauty Deals lists beauty bargains within every woman’s reach.





By women, for women.


Beautybook is a  place where the voice of influential’ personalities from the beauty and fashion industry can be heard. Every month Beautybook invites a variety of online experts to impart fashion forward style insights and beauty wisdom in every article. Beautybook has a combination of in-house writers and style and beauty bloggers to bring consumers the latest local beauty trends.


This summer season, Beautybook has invited the likes of Kryz Uy, the talented stylist-cum-fashion blogger, to talk about the latest trends. Helga Weber, who is well known for her online posts about hair and beauty, touches on her hair care routines to keep color treated hair healthy. Fashion blogger Verniece Enciso believes in the mantra “less is more” when it comes to makeup and shares her beauty regimen secrets that nourish your skin. Because the beauty landscape is always expanding, so too is the roster of Beautybook  beauty experts. Every month, consumers can watch out for a new team of experts and contributors who will give the latest and best beauty advice.


Beauty for all


Every Filipina will benefit from Beautybook’s growing list of must-try key looks and must-have products, it’s makeup and style guides illustrate how effortless being beautiful can be for every Filipina’s face shape and body type. It’s wide variety of beauty brands, from affordable to high end, can fit any Filipina’s budget.


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The Launch of Beautybook

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