The last Gift Gate store is closing in the Philippines!

Photo from SpotPhPhoto from Spot.Ph

Yup, you read it right. It’s time to say goodbye to Hello Kitty and her friends! *sniff*

80’s and 90’s kids who would frequent Greenhills Shopping Mall could attest how Gift Gate was a go-to store when they were in the San Juan area.

According to ABS-CBN news, it was “established in 1976, Gift Gate was the go-to destination for those fans of Sanrio staples Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars. But once the popularity of those cartoon characters waned, apparently so did sales.

It was also mentioned that “the San Juan branch was the first to open its doors for Pinoys. It will also be the last one to close them.”

To make things official, the San Juan store already put up a sign that read “CLOSING OUT SALE. EVERYTHING MUST GO” on their window.

News anchor Julius Babao was also able to verify his news through his Instagram account the time he visited the branch with his wife Tintin.

The store is set to close on the 31st of May, so visit now while you can!

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