The Japanese Believe that One’s Personality Depends on Their Blood Type — Here’s What Yours Mean

Words by Cole Manalac
Graphics by Heather Co

As astrology suggests, we all fall into one of 12 specific astrological signs depending on when we were born. These signs are believed to represent people’s personalities. 

But did you know that the Japanese has their own version of this? Prepare to be astounded by a different kind of personality chart: blood types! The Japanese use blood types as a tool for telling a person’s personality, even as far as compatibility with someone else. This is based on a theory developed by Masahiko Nomi from the University of Tokyo, who published a book about it entitled ‘Understanding Affinity by Blood Type’. 

Find out what your blood type says about you (and which blood type you’re most compatible with) below!


Blood Type A Final

People with type A blood are pretty sociable and diplomatic. The thing is, they’re also sensitive and fragile. This might lead them to stay in more individualistic areas at parties or maybe not even go to parties at all. They seem very distant and cold at first. However, once you get to know them, they’re very down to earth and friendly. You can also expect them to almost always be on time since they’re perfectionists! They’re great with type Os and other As!


Blood Type B Final

Type Bs are practical, passionate, and outgoing. As outspoken creatures, once they put their minds on a goal, there’s no stopping them. They’re not afraid of voicing out their opinions, and they’re curious and open people. Sometimes they might seem self-centered, impatient, and a little too independent, but they’re just very dedicated and more free-wheeling than other blood types. They’re great with other Bs and ABs!


Blood Type AB Final

Finally, we have type AB! People with type AB blood are complex, as they’re mostly labeled by their loose cannon-type attitude. They jump from one activity to the next and their attitude is volatile, being a mixture of both A and B. At times, they have difficulty interacting with people due to their constant mood switches and indecisiveness. They’re amazing with other ABs and Bs!


Blood Type O Final

Type Os are the most energetic, practical, and amicable among all the blood types. Since they’re the most flexible, they’re great at expressing their opinions clearly and diplomatically while still being friendly. Despite seeming strong on the outside, they’re very sensitive on the inside. Sometimes they have difficulty expressing their emotions and have an intense fear of rejection.

With all of that, they’re amazing with other type Os and ABs!

What’s your blood type? Is this Japanese personality description accurate for you? Tell us in the comments!