House of Unicorns Cafe: Where Your Unicorn Dreams Can Come True

Unicorns are all the rave nowadays because to be honest, what’s not to love about them?! Think of unicorns and you’ll automatically associate them with rainbows and glitters and just plain happy thoughts. So really, it’s not such a surprise that unicorns are such trending creatures.

If you’re a huge fan of unicorns (and if you dream of becoming a unicorn someday), we’ve found the food spot that could be your next happy place.

House of Unicorns Cafe is a newly opened cafe in Marikina that’s all about unicorns! And really, there’s no shortage of unicorns and bright stuff here. As soon as we stepped inside, we were greeted by pastel colors in the interior–from the walls to the chairs and even shelves. I doubt that anyone can feel down when they’re inside this cafe. Even just the colors of the interior are enough to get your spirits up.

The place is peppered with unicorn stuffed toys and statues. So, if you’re in need of a bit of a cuddle with a unicorn, just borrow one from the shelves and get the chance to eat with a fluffy unicorn.

Aside from the stuffed toys, the House of Unicorns also allows customers to be unicorns themselves with their unicorn onesies. With an order of PHP 250 worth of food and drinks, you can borrow a onesie and finally fulfill that dream of becoming a unicorn–because at the House of Unicorns, it’s all about reaching unicorn dreams.

But it’s not just about the unicorn experience here–the food is enough reason to visit the House of Unicorns. They offer a wide range of dishes–from pasta to rice meals, sandwiches, and even waffles. The items on the menu are their own original recipes!

Lasagna Wings (PHP 168)

For appetizers, their Lasagna Wings is definitely a must-try. Yes, it’s exactly what you just read. These are wings topped with lasagna sauce and a layer of cheese. It’s a number of good things in one dish–what more could you ask for? They also have buffalo wings, fries, grilled Hungarian sausage, and a lot more appetizers to get your tummy ready for the hearty meal that is to come.

Pesto Pasta with Grilled Chicken (PHP 168)

Pasta lovers will rejoice because this cafe has so many types of pasta to choose from. They have bolognese, carbonara, pesto with grilled chicken, and algio olio with shrimp to name just a few. Their carbonara was easily one of the best we’ve tasted–very creamy and tasty. Their pesto with grilled chicken had just the right amount of everything–and it tasted incredibly delicious.

Texas BBQ Ribs (PHP 178)

For the main course, they have T-Bone, Texas BBQ ribs, chicken rice meals, burger steak, and crispy pork belly. I’d definitely recommend the Texas BBQ Ribs because it is juicy, tender, and absolutely tasty. Plus, the mashed potato and corn on the side are the perfect additions to this meal. Everything on the plate is super flavorful–we couldn’t stop raving about it as we ate.

Grilled Cheese Mushroom Sandwich (PHP 148)

If you aren’t up for a full meal, you can also get burgers or sandwiches. You can choose from the 100% Beef Burger, Grilled Chicken Burger, Clubhouse sandwich, Sloppy Joe Grilled Sandwich, and their Grilled Cheese Mushroom Sandwich. Really, you can’t go wrong with any of this. They’ll get you filled and satisfied with each bite.

Waffles and Mixed Berries (PHP 138)

And of course, a unicorn cafe wouldn’t be complete without sweets and desserts. Their waffles shouldn’t definitely be at the top of your order–especially their waffles and mixed berries. It’s a thick (and very tasty) waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, berries, syrup, and candy sprinkles. But if too much sweet isn’t your type, you can get their Tuna Waffle Sandwich (PHP 148) which makes waffles just as good as an entire meal.

Mango (PHP 158)  |  Cookies and Cream (PHP 168)

Their shakes are simple–meaning they aren’t topped with layers of all sorts of candies and sweets. And it’s perfect because their shakes don’t need all that pizazz at all. Their shakes are amazingly delicious as it is–especially the mango and cookies-and-cream flavors which are their bestsellers.

They also accept catering and party reservations in the cafe itself! If you’re having a unicorn themed party, you wouldn’t have to worry about decorations because the interior is already perfect as it is. The place can fit up to 45 people–just enough for an amazing party.

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Really, it’s not just about the unicorn theme that will make you keep coming back. The food is delicious, it offers an enjoyable experience, and it’s a great place to bond with friends and family!

It’s not just for unicorn lovers. House of Unicorns Cafe is for anyone who’s up for some good food and a great experience.

House of Unicorns Cafe

51 Lilac St., Marikina City
0921 624 0586

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