The Hidden Tunnel Series: Cow & Chicken Modern Brunch Dining

For our second installment in the new Hidden Tunnel Series, we introduce to you United Alley’s friendly neighbor, Cow & Chicken!

cow and chicken - logo

Cow & Chicken is a modern all-day brunch restaurant that also serves specialty beverages. They bring modern twists to classic brunch recipes by putting a local take on it. The owners describe the restaurant as #yourfriendlyneighbor and this is because of the restaurant’s intimate vibe where people could just chill, have brunch, and drink coffee. They actually said that if Cow & Chicken was a person he’d be that one friend who always invites you to his house for a party and will serve the best food, drinks, and entertainment.

cow and chicken - flatlay

When asked about how they curated the menu, the owners said that they wanted an all-day brunch place that sourced ingredients locally and which made everything in-house. They have dishes like the Wagyu Beef Tapa Cheesesteak Sandwichtheir own take on the Philly Cheesesteak, Grilled Cheese Croque–their own take of the Croque Madame, Chicken & Waffles, Breakfast Burger, and many more brunch favorites.

Their coffee beans are sourced from Atok, Benguet. Their lemons are from Sagada, their fish from Bataan, and their very own recipe for corned beefnot just canned corned beef but actual slabs that they personally make. They also serve lambanog at Cow & Chicken, and they are currently working on their specialty beverages and craft beers which is something to look forward to.

cow and chicken - mojos

Original Mojos

I really loved Cow & Chicken’s mojos. We finished it so quickly. It tasted really good and was served at the right temperature–it was a good decision to have it as our appetizer.

cow and chicken - pancakes

Lemon Cream Cheese Pancakes with Lemon Curd

When we ordered the pancakes we did not expect for it to be this fluffy! It was really softeven though it had seven stacks of pancakes. It also wasn’t too sweet. It tasted really well with the lemon curd sauce on the side, which I never thought would mix well together, but it does. Definitely a must-try.

cow and chicken - croque

Grilled Cheese Croque

This was my favorite dish out of everything that we ordered! It was the perfect brunch dish that I was looking for to satisfy my cravings. If you’re an egg lover like me then this is the perfect dish for you. All the ingredients complemented each other, which made the sandwich so good!!! Definitely worth the money (and the calories)!

cow and chicken - champorado

White Champorado and Crispy Kapak

I really like how Cow & Chicken made this twist to the Filipino classic Champorado breakfast by using dulce de leche and kapak! I had never thought there would be a day where I would eat fish with dulce de leche, but that day came and I’m glad I tried it! Cow & Chicken really knows how to experiment but at the same time come up with yummy products in the end.

cow and chicken - waffles

Waffle S’mores

I really enjoyed this dessert. And not just because I have an insane sweet tooth, but also because of the squishy mallows and abundance of chocolate. It made me feel like a kid on a camping trip!

cow and chicken - matcha

Iced Matcha Latte 

They also serve really aesthetic drinks like this Matcha Latte I ordered. But don’t let the just aesthetics fool you though; it is also a really good drink.

cow and chicken - lights

cow and chicken - bottle

Cow & Chicken is one of the tunnel’s hidden gems–you have to dig deep to find this restaurant, but don’t you miss out on this brunchy goodness. It’s located at the 3rd floor of the tunnel. Once you see the restaurant you’ll know why we call it a hidden gem. When walking towards the restaurant, you’ll notice how it sparkles like a gem because of how the beautiful installation of lights blend perfectly well with the glass windows.

According to the owners, their friends at Script Designs helped them design the place.

cow and chicken - lamp

cow and chicken - wall

One of Cow & Chicken’s owners, Sam Beltran, told us that the space where the restaurant was located is very different from how it initially looked like. “It used to be a dump – it was really ugly,” Sam said. “It didn’t look anything like this but we [Sam & her co-owners] saw the potential of the space and we said that ‘this would be a really good place to open up a restaurant.’”

cow and chicken - table


The owners would also like to promote not just the love for food but also the love for art and music through their restaurant. That’s why they’ve been having open calls for artists so they could start installing local art around the restaurant and maybe set up an acoustic night in the future. They want Cow & Chicken to be a hub where artists can collaborate and get together.

So whether you’re a foodie, an artist or a musician, Cow & Chicken is definitely a place you can call home! It’s honestly worth the try. Don’t miss out! Check out this video we made during our visit:

Cow & Chicken Modern Brunch Dining

Third Floor, United Alley Food Hub, 16 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
+63 9178624106
Instagram: @cowandchickenph