The Gentleman Project: A Classic Timepiece for the Modern Man

Aren’t you fed up by the usual mainstream watches and trendy designs that last only for a couple of months?

Well, I am, that’s why I had to look for an accessory that doesn’t fade away, yet still looks classy. And that is how I found The Gentleman Project.

The Gentleman Project 7 “The 1902” Model

The Gentleman Project 8“The most valuable thing a man can give is his time.” – The Gentleman

The Gentleman Project is founded by Gab Esguerra and Ric Tiutan. They met in Xavier School back in the day, and have been good friends ever since. According to them, they started this brand to create a movement that will bring back the gentleman culture of the 40s and 50s.

The timepieces are just a start. Soon, they will be bringing us a wide variety of gentleman essentials.

Here are some designs of their mechanical timepieces.

The Gentleman Project 6“Hamilton II”

The Gentleman Project 5“Davidoff”

The Gentleman Project 4“Fraser”

The Gentleman Project 3“Seymour”

The Gentleman Project Men's watch Watches for Men

The men behind The Gentleman Project shares this last piece of words: “In creating this movement, we are not just a business selling products, but a group of enthusiasts promoting a lifestyle and the values that come with it.”

Much more designs available for the true gentleman in The Gentleman Project’s Instagram and Facebook Page.


The Gentleman Project LogoThe Gentleman Project

Instagram: @TheGentlemanProject