The First Dreamify Records Homecoming Music Gig Is Happening This December

September 2021 was when Dreamify Records had the first-ever meetup on our discord server with the current roster at that time. They spent the time talking about music, how they could help each other with music, and then gradually sharing their own thoughts about life in general. Eventually, people come and go. When 2022 stepped in, the group had fortified the existing roster and what seemingly were simple dreams became something more. A bond. A friendship, which each and everyone serves as a piece of a puzzle we are hoping to complete.

rsz ig full line up

Dreamify Records aspired to be more than just an independent music label, with the motto “We dream, we rise, as one.” A community where Filipino musicians can grow as their own artists and introduce themselves to the indie Filipino music scene and beyond. With everyone on their back, supporting and pushing them to that exact same goal.

This coming December 15, 2022, witness the first Dreamify Records homecoming music gig at saGuijo Cafe + Bar Events! Artists coming from the USA and the Philippines are gathering for a night of fun, jam-packed with live performances and surprise guests! This is The “We Are Dreamify” Party!

Music Performances by:






Paul Lagac

Dian Sanchez 

Patrick Magada 


Rise Heart 

A Day Before This 

Jeremiah Ellaga 



Pre-sale tickets are available now! 

Pre-Sale Ticket – P350 

Pre-Sale Ticket + Kardinal Stick – P550 

Walk-in Ticket – P400 


Ticket Link


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