The First 5 Things You Need to Start Organizing Your Pantry

Anyone who’s currently into home organizing right now would agree that there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your kitchen pantry super clean, well-kept, and Insta-worthy. But what exactly makes a kitchen pantry look that tidy? After browsing photos online for inspiration, one could easily come to the conclusion that all one needs are the right kinds of containers and a labeling and sorting system.

So here are the top five items you’ll need from Shopee if you’re ready to take on this task of organizing your pantry space!

glass jar pantry

Clear Jars

Stock up on glass jars of various sizes to store your dry ingredients in! Make sure they’re matching too to have that tidy, streamlined look on your shelves and inside your cabinets. Having different items still in their original packaging stocked all over your pantry can make it look really cluttered so go make the effort to transfer them in minimalist containers to avoid the eyesore.

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label printer pantry

Label Printer

Labeling your containers after decanting your products is essential in knowing which jar holds a certain food item or ingredient. You can pretty much use any kind of label printer but this particular one is definitely popular right now because of the customizable format of its stickers which you can do through the mobile app. Because it’s a thermal printer, it requires no ink. The best part? It comes in pretty colors and looks great even when displayed out in the open on any surface!

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lazy susan pantry

Lazy Susan

Want a space-saving tip for all your condiments, spices, or sauces? Put a small lazy susan inside your cabinets and on your shelves! It also makes these ingredients really easy to access whenever you’re preparing meals.

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clear pantry bin

Basket or Plastic Bins

For those items you don’t want to or can’t decant into glass jars, you can neatly organize them into bins with all like items together.

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rack pantry


For canned items, step-risers are pretty nifty in making sure you save space and that all your cans are visible within your line of sight. Often, when cans are just piled together, you might forget about having them stocked which could either lead to expiration or accidentally buying more during your next grocery run. Prevent that from happening with this item!

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Got any more useful pantry organization tips? Share them with us in the comments!

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