The Dogs and Cats of Marawi Are Starving: Let’s Help Feed These Furbabies

Beloved dogs and cats have been trapped in Marawi for over two months. On social media, people shared heartbreaking stories of being forced to leave beloved dogs and cats behind in the beleaguered city.

Reports on how the animals are faring are grim. We shall spare you the details–because what is important is that there is hope!

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is spearheading a feeding of the abandoned Marawi cats and dogs–and you can help by donating meals.

Donate for the Dogs and Cats of Marawi

Help PAWS distribute 8,750 meals to the cats & dogs of Marawi! For only ₱250, you can donate 25 meals. Pet Warehouse in partnership with Purina Philippines will make sure it gets to Marawi.

For as low as Php250, you can purchase and donate 25 meals if you order through the Pet Warehouse website. Pet Warehouse will process your donations and PAWS will take charge of distribution.

According to PAWS Executive Director Anna Cabrera, they are trying to address the worsening condition of abandoned animals by sending as much food and supplies to them. In partnership with Nestlé Purina PetCare Company who allocated affordable pet food, donations will be coming from the Purina warehouse in Iligan City to facilitate easier coordination for PAWS once they bring it into Marawi.

“Abandoned dogs and cats have been seen eating cadavers. With the ongoing crisis, it’s hard to tell when the area will be cleared and become safe for dogs and cats again. Sure, relief goods are sent, but only for people, not for the starving animals.” Cabrera said.

“Many are struggling to survive due to starvation and dehydration. A huge number of animals in Marawi have no means to fend for themselves. They are relying on people to help them, and that’s where we come in. With your help, we can still save lives of dogs and cats who are distressed by the conflict.”

To start, you can go to the Pet Warehouse website at and click on “new arrivals” at the navigation bar. Follow the steps below to continue:

  2. Checkout
  3. Select PAWS as a carrier
  4. Use VOUCHER CODE: LETMEHELP (if the total is below 995 pesos)
  5. Proceed with payment (PayPal, credit card, bank deposit, among many others)

Donate for the Dogs and Cats of Marawi

We’re the only chance these animals have. If we won’t help them, they might not make it. We are humbly asking for everyone’s help in giving these animals a fighting chance amidst the discord.– Cabrera

For more information, please contact:

Pet Hero Mico & Pet Hero Angela

Tel: 661-6152 / 0977-823-8050


Facebook –

Story includes copy provided by Pet Warehouse


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