The Dog Spa & Hotel: Expert Dog Grooming Center in Metro Manila

The Dog Spa & Hotel: Expert Dog Grooming Center in Metro Manila




When in Manila and looking for a unique but expert dog grooming center, bring your pooch(es) to The Dog Spa & Hotel! Do not be intimidated by the name: even though they also offer amazing spa and lodging services for your dogs and cats, The Dog Spa & Hotel offer affordable and top quality grooming services.

The grooming center is owned by James Loverio, who is a proud owner of his Pomeranian dogs; Eric Villanueva – owner of Pomeranians Urvashi, Datu and Yorshire Terrier Sophia. Erlene Loverio — mom and business partner of James Loverio; owners of Pomeranians Pepito, Bonita, Bella, Nikita and Sultan.. Being aware of the needs of his own pooches, he thought of the idea of having a center which would not just cater to pet-owners in need of a proper grooming center for their dogs, but he also thought it would be awesome to treat the pets with spa-softening hair with their spa services in addition to accommodating dogs whose owners are leaving for vacation. In my opinion, my namesake and soon to be good friend James did a great job with The Dog Spa & Hotel.

Last week, when I was offered the chance to feature The Dog Spa & Hotel, I glanced at my dogs and right away I didn’t hesitate to grab the chance. They were terribly in need of some good haircut.

Meet my eldest baby, Louis (having a bad hair day!).


This is Hershey; you can think of her as Louis’s girlfriend. 







And this is my youngest baby, Phoebe. Everybody adores this little furball.







As you can see, they really did need to go near some scissors. Through time, I tried going to three different grooming centers. I found the first a bit unhygienic, the second too expensive, and the third as somewhat apathetic towards my pets. Good thing, The Dog Spa & Hotel easily beats those other three! The Dog Spa & Hotel grooming areas are clean, their services are affordable, and the groomers and other personnel seem to love the pets entrusted to them. Now, those three are very important to any pet owner. I’m impressed!

Here are some of the photos I took, highlighting the dog products as well as the areas in The Dog Spa & Hotel. I’ll let the photos describe the experience.

Meet Rose, the very humble and kind receptionist of The Dog Spa & Hotel

While waiting for your pets, you can just chill by the sofa and read more stuff about your favorite pets!


Looking for affordable pet food? The Dog Spa & Hotel have it all!

Of course, when we do bathe our dogs ourselves, we need some good quality shampoo and other grooming stuff!

And of course, when our poochies are behaved, they deserve some treats! The Dog Spa & Hotel offers these unpacked to be enjoyed right there and then after our doggies behaved while being groomed!

And when our doggies get sick, The Dog Spa & Hotel will offer us medicines for our doggies to get better.

And should you need more stocks of your supply of dog food, you can buy them by the sack at The Dog Spa & Hotel. 

This doggie is one of the current tenants in The Dog Spa & Hotel. It seems like he’s sleeping really soundly.

Here’s my Louis at the grooming area. He seems to be enjoying himself here!

After two hours, all of my three toy poodle babies are done! And I say, they definitely looked great! The smell of their hair was really good and the texture was very soft. As you can see from their faces, they did enjoy the grooming of The Dog Spa & Hotel. 

Thank you, groomers! Great job!

 Over all, I am impressed with the quality of service of The Dog Spa & Hotel. I was surprised that their EXPERT GROOM PACKAGE is really affordable at P450 for small doggies, P600 for medium, and only P800 for large breeds. All of the other additional services such as the spa, massage, anti-tick & flea bath are affordable at P200 (small), P400 (medium), and P600 (large). I’ve been at other dog grooming centers so I can definitely say that these prices are very, very competitive and reasonable.

To those who are interested to avail of the lodging, you can entrust your pooches to them for as low as P350 per night. They will take care of your dogs really well and they would even walk your dogs from time to time. 


When in Manila and in need of expert dog grooming center and other pet services, head over to The Dog Spa & Hotel



The Dog Spa & Hotel

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The Dog Spa Ortigas Ave.
G/F Prince Arcade Building Ortigas Avenue Extension, Pasig City
Phone: 655-0158
Mobile: 0935-9262242


The Dog Spa Q Plaza
G/F Q Plaza Commercial Complex Felix Avenue cor Marcos Highway, Cainta Rizal
Phone: 477-6896
Mobile: 0915-3979514 / 0908-2319966


The Dog Spa & Hotel C5
G/F 187 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Acropolis, Bagumbayan (Libis), Quezon City
Phone: 709-4970
Mobile: 0947-3049746 / 0906-3267837


The Dog Spa & Hotel BF Homes Paranaque
114 A. Aguirre St. corner J. Elizalde Avenue BF Homes Paranaque City
Phone: 238 4341
Mobile: 0906-4648139 / 0921-7552692


The Dog Spa & Hotel: Expert Dog Grooming Center in Metro Manila


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