The Doctor Is In: Robert Downey Jr. To Play Doctor Dolittle!

There’s a new Doctor Dolittle!

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Many of us grew up with Eddie Murphy as Doctor Dolittle, the physician who’s taken to treating animals instead of humans since he can talk to them.

But another favorite actor will be taking the reins from Eddie as the film is getting a 21st century update!

Robert Downey Jr. has been reported to star in the film “The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle” under Universal Pictures!

Robert is of course, best known for starring in the Iron Man and Avengers franchises under Disney/Marvel, as well as Sherlock Holmes.

Stephen Gaghan wrote the screenplay for the film, which he will also direct.

Doctor Dolittle first came to life as a 1920s children’s book, written by British author Hugh Lofting set in the Victorian Era.

The character was first portrayed by Rex Harrison in an Oscar-winning 1967 musical version, before being adapted into the popular Eddie Murphy-starred film, which grossed over $470 million worldwide in 1998.

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