The Cab Manila 2012: We La-La-La-La-Love the Free Concerts @ the Ayala Malls!


The Cab Manila 2012 Live at the Ayala Malls! 

When In Manila and you love listening to Alternative Rock, catch The Cab as they perform for their fans at Ayala Malls from September 21 to 23.

Alexander DeLeon, Alex Marshall, Joey Thunder, Chantry Johnson, and Dave Briggs are currently touring with Maroon 5 for the latter’s “Overexposed” tour. Rather than taking some time off in the beaches or whatnot, the boys from The Cab decided to play three shows in three straight days at the Ayala Malls. We caught The Cab Manila 2012 fever last night at the Trinoma Activity Center as The Cab sang nine songs and plugged their newest album “Symphony Soldier”.



For those who caught them in their previous outings to the Philippines or most recently during the sold-out Maroon 5 concert, The Cab could pass as a boy band, with its members rocking different personas. True enough, most of the fans present were females, from the prepubescent to the young adult ones. Beyond the good looks, The Cab has serious musical talent (so in my books their not a boy band – because you’ll catch me dead first before I praise a boy band). And they play Alternative Rock, which was a dying genre after the Emo Movement invaded the Philippines and everyone was listening to My Chemical Romance and wearing black and slashing their wrists. Yes kids, Alternative Rock ruled the airwaves when your ates and kuyas were adolescents themselves.

The Cab Manila 2012 Highlights

The best parts of the night? Alexander DeLeon imitating a Triple H water-and-saliva fountain made the girls shout with glee and me turning away to protect my camera. In the latter half of the one-hour, nine-song bonanza he took one of the girls’ iPhones and took it around the stage. The teen was flipping in her few seconds of glory!







Joey Thunder rocking like there’s no tomorrow and reminding me why those flowing locks were so desirable during the 90’s. Later on he handed me one of his picks – not before he placed it in his mouth and drenched it with his, uhm, natural oral lubricant. I’ll take it as it is: He just wants to make sure that when we have the pick tested, his DNA would be found in the ENTIRE pick!





The talented Chandry Johnson playing his guitar with clean riffs and spectacular shreds (not John Petrucci-esque, but this is not a Progressive Metal concert anyways). He also flipped a pick towards me, but a prepubescent girl scampered to the front to secure it at the same time I did, and I didn’t want to ruin her night, so I gave it to her. For “La La” he would strut “The Running Man” together with Joey Thunder during the short instrumentals throughout the song.






And Alex Marshall switching from playing the piano to playing the guitar and then going back to his piano to play his magnum opus “Endlessly” which was co-written by Bruno Mars. Dave Briggs would play his tick-tack beats and would intermittently be joined by Joey Thunder in the platform. The boys from The Cab were enjoying themselves. They were jamming with each other and appreciating the love their fans were showing them. And for me, that made the show much more entertaining.





When In Manila, it’s not too late to catch The Cab Manila 2012. They’ll be performing later at Alabang Town Center @ 6:00 PM. On September 23, they’ll be at the Glorietta Activity Center @ 6:30 PM. Special thanks to Ayala Malls for bringing in great bands and artists for free concerts every so often. At least we know where all our mall parking fees are going. *Ka-ching!*



The Cab Manila 2012: We La-La-La-La-Love the Free Concerts @ the Ayala Malls!

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