The Blossoming of Kathryn Bernardo


When in Manila, it was quite a busy day for Kathryn Bernardo. She just finished taping a game show and squeezed some promotion time in between. Now she was sitting in front of us, beaming.  It was the third time I’ve met her and it’s amazing knowing that the once simple young gal, has now blossomed into the biggest young star of her generation. No wonder she was smiling, for she has come a long way. As I gazed on her pretty face and on her radiant eyes, all I could see was the spirit of success.




Knowing that her life is far from the normal one now, we asked Kathryn Bernardo what are some things she needed to sacrifice with her new found fame, “Siguro pag yong friends ko nag i-invite sila kasi birthday ni ganyan or kung may reunion hindi ako nakakapunta at pati sa school din pag may club activities.” 

Nonetheless, Kathyrn made sure that she still lets herself experience the things her friends are able to enjoy, “Pinilit kong mag-regular school nong third year para maexperience ko ang JS prom.” 




Moreover, what I noticed the most about Kathryn was her simplicity and how she managed to stay grounded. I believe that this attitude is one of the major reasons why she’s able to keep it together despite all the pressures and the hectic working condition in show-business. Keeping this right attitude has propelled  her to the right path, without having to stir controversies in order to make headlines.

When I asked her how she handles fame, she answered confidently, “Ako hindi ko ‘yon iniisip eh basta ako focus lang ako sa trabaho.” Kathryn recognizes that shying away from the blinding spotlight and redirecting her focus on doing her job well is the key towards achieving stability and success in her industry.