The Blossoming of Kathryn Bernardo



When talking to young stars like Kathryn, we couldn’t help but ask where she thinks she would be today, if not in showbiz? “Siguro normal college girl lang ako. Maybe kumukuha ng advertising. Normal school girl lumalabas kasama ang mga friends,” she said. Maybe that could have been Kathryn’s life if she did not pursue acting, but fate lead her to where she is now – a life with thousands of screaming fans. With a lot of tweens and teens looking up to her, Kathryn enumerated some of the things that her fans might not still know about her, “Siguro yong iba akala nila pag artista di na nahihiya, ako mahiyain ako, madali akong ma-awkward po pag maraming tao example sa presscon, medyo nahihiya ako. At  di po nila alam na mahilig akong kumain,” she said.



Furthermore, Kathryn is part of the most successful team-up in the industry, launching her career towards the top. With their undeniable chemistry, her partnership with Daniel Padilla has become so massive that  they are now headlining a new film called ‘Must Be…Love”. “Siguro kasi nakikita nila na natural lang kami, na hindi conscious sa galaw at siguro nakikita nila na very opposite kami ni DJ; na may ganon pala talaga na hindi nagca-clash, na nagcliclick din pala kahit very opposite. Di ba si DJ very rockstar, tapos ako makikita mo na hindi ganon. Siguro na cucurios sila na makita kaming magkasama kahit opposite kami,” she remarked. 




 Kathryn Bernardo puts her heart on her sleeve and smiles it off all the way through. She knows where she came from and where she’s heading. She is completely aware that character is the true measure of success. Without a doubt, Kathryn Bernardo has not only blossomed to a phenomenal young star but also into a lady with substance, heart and soul.




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The Blossoming of Kathryn Bernardo