Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience! Uncle Sam’s Maki (P210.00)

When in Manila, Who doesn’t love sushi?

I bet we can all agree that a huge fraction of the population consists of ultimate suckers for Japanese food. From the classic Saisaki buffets to the sprouting of Ramen bars in the metro, Japanese cuisine is one of the most timeless and sought-after selections on everyone’s dining checklist—and Tempura Japanese Grill is definitely one to try!

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!

Tempura Japanese Grill has been in the scene for quite some time now, but it still continues to entice their customers by coming up with innovative dishes to satisfy their ever-evolving sense of taste. From the name itself, they’re recognized for their Tempura dishes but have now come up with a variation of Tonkatsu-inspired recipes that might just convert your way of thinking about breaded pork. Se-rious-ly.

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience! Kurobota Katsu

At first glance, Tempura Japanese Grill will make you think it’s nothing but a typical Japanese resto. Its minimalistic accents are characterized by straight lines and geometric patterns that showcase classic Japanese resto interiors.

However, their menu says a totally different thing.

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!

In contrast with the homey and simple ambiance is a huge variety of traditional Japanese dishes infused with Western and European influences. I could go on an on about their hefty selection, but today’s post highlights their latest menu addition – The Katsus.

If you’re a fan of really good Katsu, this would be very very exciting for you as I will graphically describe each dish enough to make you drool. I say this with confidence as I was quite impressed – and I’m not even a fan of Tonkatsu or breaded dishes to begin with. Like myself, some people go to Japanese restos for the seafood.

And if you are the ultimate Japanese food addict, you would know that the quality of sashimi speaks well of a restaurant’s quality of service and food.

It’s raw and it’s basic. It is what it is, so I had to order a sashimi plate on the side before anything else. While I wasn’t overtly impressed with their sashimi selection, I would say that their value for money is quite satisfying. Their prices are below the average charge of other restaurants, yet they still served as great appetisers for the immense feast that followed.

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!Mixed Sashimi (P210.00)


Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!Green Tea Ice Cream (P80.00)


It was indeed a glorious meal as we were given all four of their Katsu variations–in servings generous enough to last us ’til the next day!

One of these being the timeless Tonkatsu–a staple in any Japanese restaurant. But what sets it apart is that they use Kurobota pork, which is imported from the USA. This premium pork meat is said to be “World’s Finest Pork” and I couldn’t agree more as I bit into a sweet and tender slice of pure ecstasy.

And it doesn’t end there, either.

We’re all familiar with breaded fish as we have probably eaten this in a buffet for a formal affair we’ve attended perhaps at least once in our lives, but don’t Salmon Katsu and Tuna Katsu seem to tickle your taste buds just a little bit?

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!Salmon Katsu


You can never go wrong with these two. Plenty of seasoned chefs do experiment with these fairly usual yet complex ingredients. It was served slightly raw, with the sashimi still retaining its transparency and gloss and I found it quite amazing how they have perfected the cooking time for it to come out in that state. Paired with perfectly seasoned Teriyaki Miso sauce, it was a harmonious balance of crunchiness and tender goodness of our classic favorites.

I think that is the idea of Tempura Japanese Grill–to translate something traditional into something inventive.

My favourite however, was the Unagi Katsu — Deep fried Eel with Japanese bread crumbs. This is for the more experimental and daring patrons. And if adventure is what they seek, their taste buds with surely get the thrill of the ride. Also served with Teriyaki Miso sauce, the Eel is the most flavourful and exciting choice.

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!Unagi Katsu


We devoured these dishes with a platter of their version of fried rice, which ultimately gave more taste and texture to the meal as compared with the traditional Japanese Gohan.

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!

All in all, Tempura Japanese Grill would be a great choice for people who have a knack for trying new dishes. Have a go at their Ramen Burger and Tempura Fettuccini, as well. Their budget-friendly selections will surely satisfy your cravings without hurting your pockets.

Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!

When in Manila, and you come across a sign with this funny looking prawn, don’t forget to drop by and have a taste of their famed dishes and their Katsu-mazing selections!

If you live in the Tomas Morato area, then you can enjoy some of Tempura Japanese Grill’s weekday specials from Monday to Thursday during the month of April, too:

Tempura Japanese Grill


Tempura Japanese Grill

Branches: Banawe, Tomas Morato, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Midtown, U.N. Avenue, Convergys Makati,

SM Pampanga and SM Cebu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tempurajapanesegrill

Twitter: @TempuraJapGrill

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For reservations and catering, contact Ms. Girlie Saldana at

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Tempura Japanese Grill: A Katsu-mazing Experience!