Tech-X Bikes: Enjoy the Great Outdoors

People yearning for a unique adventure off the road can finally experience it when in Manila. Granted, not everybody is capable of safely driving a motorcycle, a mountain bike or even an ATV on an unpaved road atop a mountain. But with Ed Delgado’s invention, the Tech-X bike, anyone—your daughter, wife, neighbor and even your own mother—can now proficiently drive a motorcycle much faster. 

Tech-X Bikes Close Up
And it’s cool to be riding a whole different dirt bike, don’t you think?
Tech-X Bikes Parked
Tech-X 125 – Featuring a 125 cc engine
Tech-X Bikes Parked - Front
These bikes are not about form; they’re all about function.
Tech-X Bike Side View  
Tech-X Bikes Morning Riders
The group convenes at Shell Fairlane along J. P. Rizal in Marikina.
Tech-X Bike - Hervin Hernando  
Tech-X Biker JoMag
JoMag himself treads twice a week
Since trail bikes are never exactly the same as a regular road bike, a beginner will need to learn additional skills for offroad biking. Thank goodness Ed Delgado’s Tech-X bikes are designed to make even a teenage girl excel in trail rides.
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