TECH: Filipinos Spend More Time on Their Smartphones Than Watching TVs

Apparently, small screens are beating big screens when it comes to getting the attention of Filipinos.

From a research study done by social media management platform Hootsuite and social media marketing firm We Are Social, they found that Filipino netizens spend an average of 2.5 hours a day watching TV while they spend a whopping 9 hours a day online.

Moreover, Pinoy netizens spend 3 hours and 36 minutes on their smartphones browsing social media.

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Moreover, they found that when it comes to market penetration, smartphones are the winners. They found 61 percent of adult Filipinos own a smartphone while just 39 percent own desktops or laptops.

With this, their habits of using smartphones changed, affecting how they watch TVs.

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They also found 28 percent of Filipino netizens watch online videos every day. After Facebook, the most popular social media platform was Youtube, which is dedicated to just videos.

It is apparent that Filipinos who have internet access now spend more time each day online and on the various social media platforms than watching television.

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What do you think of this change in behavior? Unbelievable or inevitable?

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