Tali: Bracelets and Watches Made in the Philippines (Giving away 2 watches and 2 bracelets!)

When in Manila, be sure to check out beautiful accessories that are made in the Philippines. We featured a list of 15 homegrown brands, which includes Tali.
Tali sells watches that are handmade by artisans based in Bacolod and in Manila. They partner with Woven Joy (@wovenjoy), an NGO that works with artisans in the Philippines to produce and sell high-quality handwoven friendship bracelets. Each sold product helps provide for some basic needs of the artisans and their families such as food, shelter, clothing, medicine, and education.
Tali Local Brands 1
Andrea dela Torre tells the story of how Tali began. “It’s actually funny how it started because it stemmed from my hate of loom bands. I wanted something organic and natural to come back so that’s when I decided to get back to making friendship bracelets. Soon after posting my photos of friendship bracelets attached to watches on Facebook, friends started commissioning me to make more. As a student who wanted to make a little extra cash, I accepted them but soon became overwhelmed by the workload. That’s when I contacted Wovenjoy, the non-profit faith based organization that specializes in friendship bracelets as their livelihood. It was a dream working with them, they were fast, professional and extremely accommodating.”
Tali Local Brands 2
This young start-up has been met with so many positive responses. “People from all over the Philippines then contacted me to make on for themselves, their friends, siblings, and even mothers! I chose Tali as the brandname because it means to tie or to link in both my first language, Cebuano and our national language Filipino.”
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“I’m so grateful for the trust and appreciation our Tali customers have for their handmade watches. Hearing their stories and who the watches are for are one of the reasons why I continue to do what I do now even if it means doing a one woman show.”
Tali Local Brands 3
I appreciate Tali because of how customizable it is.  Choosing a watch for yourself or for your loved one is fun because of all the colors and patterns that you could choose from.
Tali 1
Tali is celebrating its first milestone soon. With your help, they could reach 1,000 followers on Instagram. In return for your support, Tali is giving away 2 watches and 2 bracelets! The mechanics are really simple. You don’t even have to repost a picture that would deviate from your usual style in your Insta feed! For more details on how to win, just go to this photo in their Instagram account.

GIVING AWAY: (2) #TaliTimepieces for you and your best friend! Our #TaliTimepieces are customized handcrafted and woven by @tali_ph and @wovenjoy – a non-profit organization that weaves colorful creations for their livelihood. (Story continues in the WhenInManila article – will be linked in the bio) Mechanics 1. Basics are simple – follow @tali_ph and @leerebecca_com @WhenInManila on instagram 2. Post a photo of you and your best friend explaining why you love her and why you two deserve the gift of a #TaliTimepiece. Include the following: #TaliTimepiece #TaliPhilippines @tali_ph 3. Comment on this photo and tag your best friend No need to ruin your great feed with a repost, just a photo of you and the person you love.  Winners announced once we reach our first 1k followers so the more entries the merrier! Winners will be judged through a randomizer and the most creative stories will receive special prizes! GOOD LUCK! Fostering Friendship, Community, and Creativity, Andrea de la Torre TALI Philippines

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Here are some of the bracelets that Tali makes.
Tali Bracelets
Tali 3
When asked about how Tali has changed through the year and what direction it will take in the future, Andrea said, “From doing everything myself to having Wovenjoy working beside me, what changed was why I continue to make the Tali Timepieces. From simply wanting to make a new trend, it became wanting to foster community, friendship and creativity. My future hopes for Tali is to continue to launch products that are innovative, creative and worthy of the Tali customer.”


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TaliPhilippines

Instagram: @tali_ph




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