Take a Look at These Magical Photos of Tokyo in Winter

For the first time in 54 years, snow fell on Tokyo in November. The first snowfall is called “hatsuyuki”, and in Tokyo this usually happens in January and lasts until February, which makes this year’s first snow fall about 40 days early.

The last November hatsuyuki in Tokyo happened 1962. So, yes, this is a truly special time.

Japan is a magical country. I’ve seen it first-hand. The culture, the fashion, the architecture, the food…everything, big or small, has the potential to blow you away. And it was autumn when I went. So a Japan, a Tokyo, in winter? I can just imagine how much magical it would look! And so to show you just how much, here are pictures.

Check out these photos of Tokyo’s winter wonderland:

Oh, Tokyo. <3

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