Taiwan is Crazy for Milksha – Here’s Why We Should Be Too

Filipinos love milk tea, and for good reason. Although its base components – milk and tea – are simple enough, milk tea really hit the spot in the hot Philippine weather.

If, like me, you aren’t a huge fan of milk tea places that have too many confusing options to choose from; there’s one milk tea brand that stands out for its unwavering commitment to simplicity, deliciousness, and quality: Milksha.

Milksha 1

Photo from Milksha

Miksha was founded in Taiwan in 2008. Through the years, Milksha has gone on to be voted the “#1 Milk Tea Brand” by university students in Taiwan and continues to grow both locally and internationally with outlets in Hong Kong, Australia, United Kingdom, and the Philippines.

From a focus on natural ingredients to signature flavors you won’t find anywhere else, here are 3 reasons why you need to taste the Milksha difference yourself:

A love for keeping things natural and simple

We believe that Milksha has seen great success because of their love for keeping things simple. Aligned with their commitment to simplicity, Milksha goes the extra mile to preserve the original taste of fresh ingredients and delivers the same high standards for flavors and ingredients in the Philippines to delight Pinoy milk tea lovers. In lieu of non-dairy creamers, for instance, Milksha only uses fresh milk in their drinks for the perfect balance of creaminess.

Milksha Group

Photo from Milksha

This commitment also extends to the level of attention that Milksha pays to where their ingredients are sourced from and how they are made. Milksha’s in-house Research & Development personnel are expertly trained to source quality tea leaves and bouncy bubbles from Taiwan. Ideal portions are then put together to bring out that authentic tea taste and balanced flavor composition. No matter how you like your milk tea, Milksha will definitely satisfy your palate.

Milksha Drinks

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A sweet burst of flavor

Milksha’s signature toppers, their honey pearls, are unforgettable as well. They can be enjoyed in Milksha’s best-selling Honey Pearl Black Tea Latte, which is prepared and meticulously prepared daily. Fun fact: the pearls are actually soaked in honey to deliver a unique level of sweetness in every bite, making them the perfect addition to any Milksha drink. 

Milksha Chowking

Photo from Milksha

Thanks to their dedication to quality, freshness, and innovation; Milksha has easily captured the hearts (and taste buds) of Filipinos. If you want a memorable milk tea adventure, make sure to order some Milksha – available in select Chowking stores and online platforms such as Grab and foodpanda.

Milksha Philippines

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