Tactics Water Gear Waterproof Dry Bags for Every Adventure

People always crave for new adventures Рbe it a relaxing dip at the pool, a fun beach party , cave exploration or an exciting mountain climb. In these adventures, we always bring our gadgets like smartphones, tablets cameras Рand a risk that these gadgets might get wet or drenched in water.

We do not want that to happen, and we absolutely don’t want to lose our pictures and videos stored in these precious gadgets.¬†

Tactics Water Gear, a local outdoor accessories brand understands how important keeping our gadgets and stuff safe and protected from water, dust and dirt. Tactics Water Gear carries waterproof gear like dry bags, gadget accessories and sleeping bags which are ideal for commute or traveling.

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I received a Tactics Water Gear Dry Bag (10 L) in black for review and I brought it with me on a short staycation. At first look, it seems like a simple foldable bag; but when unfolded and opened, it transforms into a durable bag, which can hold my clothes, gadgets and all the other things a girl brings on a trip. 

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The Tactics Water Gear Dry Bag is made of nylon-coated lightweight PVC tarpaulin.  Unlike the usual tarpolines that are used in billboards, the material is lightweight yet durable to carry the weight when stuffed and loaded. It is smartly designed to not include side pockets on its surface to ensure full, smooth surface protection. 

With a Waterproof Grading of 3, the Tactics Water Gear Dry Bag can be submerged under water up to 3 feet. However, the bag is not intended for diving. 

The Tactics Water Gear Bag Dry Bag is fully lined and stitched with plastic snap closure Рno worrying of rusting zippers or fancy closures. Sealing the bag is as easy as folding the tops and clipping the snap closure. The design allows flexibility in space and portability, allowing the bag to look more compact when traveling lightly.  Included in the set is a detachable strap which can be adjusted for shoulder carry-on ease. 

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The Tactics Water Gear Dry Bag is a flexible bag that is the perfect sleek companion for camping or staycations, and a durable waterproof buddy for more extreme adventures such as water sports, boating and hiking. 

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 Photo taken by Rodel Flordeliz



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