Taco, Burrito, Unicorn, Middle Finger Emojis Coming in iOS 9.1

Choosing emojis is an art. Or so I think anyway. They’re incredibly helpful, too. Above all things, though, they make messages so much more fun!

I love getting into emoji battles with my friends, but there are times when we get so frustrated because… why are there so many different versions of Japanese food, but no burrito emoji? And why are there so many dog and cat emojis, but no unicorn emoji? Where is the cheerleader emoji? And, most importantly… you have so many different finger emojis, but no middle finger emoji?

Well, once iOS 9.1 rolls in, we can finally say goodbye to using the cactus emoji in place of the middle finger because YES, WE ARE GETTING A MIDDLE FINGER EMOJI!!!

middle finger emoji apple iOS 9.1

And not just that, we’re getting a robot, a burrito, a cheese, a taco, a bottle of champagne, a box of popcorn, a cute lion, a unicorn, a squirrel, new face emojis and a bunch of other emojis to tell the world how we feel in the most fun way possible!

new emojis iOS 9.1 apple

All photos from thenextweb.com

Right now, the emojis are only available to people with paid Apple developer accounts, but rumour has it iOS 9.1 will be released later this year. Are you as excited as we are? Which emoji will be your new overused one when they come out? 😀

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